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6/5 Odds that Cheryl Cole Is Pregnant - Announcement Imminent!!

6/5 Odds that Cheryl Cole Is Pregnant – Announcement Imminent!!

Here we go again. Another day, another rumour. The long-standing story’s that Cheryl Cole is pregnant has come to life again, as the bookies offer odds on the Girls Aloud star and Ashley Cole expecting their first baby.

Paddy Power, the online bookmaker have slashed odds on The X Factor judge becoming the first celebrity mum of 2010, after thousands of £££ in bets have poured in for the Geordie star.

Hundreds of new accounts – most of which originate from Newcastle – were opened in the space of an hour at Paddy Power, as punters rushed to place their bets on the pitter patter of tiny feet, prompting the online bookie to slash the odds from 8/1 to just 6/5.

And if the bets turn out to be correct, it looks like Ashley is in for a very special surprise Christmas gift from Cheryl this year. The gamble today has been significant and an announcement from Cheryl Cole now looks imminent.

What I don’t understand is what caused the flurry of bets on Cheryl being pregnant? I mean, there has been no official word, or press release from Cheryl or her people which even hint at a pregnancy. In fact Cheryl said on Cheryl Cole’s Night In last month that she does want a family, but the time isnt right, so why are people expecting an announcement from Cheryl, which is supposedly “imminent”??

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  1. Baaah says:

    The only thing she can get from Ashley after having sex without a condom is an STD. So.. I really hope this is just another rumour. For God's sake.. no

  2. nonamee says:

    if she ha a baby, it means it will be hard for her to carry on with her solo carreer, and grils aloud, etc etc. but i want her to be happy with a family :P also, andrew macdonald, where do you get all this information from, and some pictures that match it, for example cheryl cole in the car going to watch ashleys match? coz you seem to know loads

  3. Andrew MacDonald says:

    Thank you for visiting my website.

    And the information comes from all over the place. I have sources inside Cheryl Cole's record label, and her PR company, and I get a lot of information from other website via Google News etc.

    The pictures, well, i search really hard for pictures to match the story. Hope that helps.


  4. Kayleigh says:

    I Think it would be awesome for them to have a baby, but just forget the rumours untill the word comes from ashley or cheryl, love oyu cheryl x x x

  5. Elizabeth says:

    Andrew you are a genius. really. My life would be so dull without websites like these. thank you so much i don't noe what i would do without this site. Cheryl is my life and if it werent for this site i would be so pissed of everyday, not in the mood to do anything. This site is like a boost.

  6. Andrew MacDonald says:

    Thank you Elizabeth. Thats really nice of you to say so. It makes it all worthwhile with comments like these. Thank you, and Merry Christmas.

  7. sophie says:

    As much as I hate ashley and don’t want it to be his there baby is going to apsolutly stunning !

  8. chezza mad says:

    if cheryl cole had a baby i would be fantastic , andrew is right no one can say shes pregnant when she hasnt givin a hint or anything. But their baby will be baeutiful like cheryl!

  9. Alpha Sheriff says:

    I love Cheryl & Ashley Cole. They are fantastic couple and I like to see them together again.__If Cheryl pregnancy is true that will be brilliant. I love both of you. Good luck.

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