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Ad-Break Tears for Cheryl Cole on The X Factor

Ad-Break Tears for Cheryl Cole on The X Factor

Cheryl Cole Crying on The X Factor Cheryl Cole became emotional on a number of occasions during the two-night live X Factor Final. But last night Cheryl is said to have taken breaks to cry in her dressing room.

The sexy X Factor Judge was seen returning to her seat LATE on THREE ad breaks during Saturday nights show, which lends some credibility to the rumours. A tearful Cheryl returned to her dressing room on tenterhooks when it came to getting her act, Joe McElderry into the final show.

Although the judges leaving the studio during ad breaks is not unheard of, no judges have ever been late back to their seat before. When Cheryl was late back for the third time, Simon Cowell looked exasperated and threw his hands into the air, in disappointment.

A technician at The X Factor studio said: “Cheryl was really nervous about Joe getting through to the final and was tearful. Simon wasn’t very happy.

Cheryl said publicly that she wouldn’t be able to bear it if Joe McElderry didnt get through to the final. She said: “I class him as a little brother.”

Luckily for Cheryl and Joe, he ended up winning the show, and Joe McElderry – The Climb is already available to buy online. Have you got your copy yet? What do you think of The X Factor Winners Single?


  1. sophie says:

    i thought she was late to her seat because she couldn't walk very fast in her dress haha

  2. @pinkangel84 says:

    leave her alone, everyones entitled to get upset, its an emotional time and I myself would be the same. x

  3. Sophie Burnhope says:

    i was crying when she was x

  4. WeLoveChezza<3 says:

    ^ same.
    it made me so upset just to see how much emotion is really generated on the x factor. most of the time its from cheryl and you cant blame her, shes just an emotional person so leave her alone i would be crying all show if it was me so she did well to hold it in. shes beautiful and amazing and i love her xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. katie x says:

    omg i was shakin wen the results came on n i wud be cryin if i was her n i fught the same i fught she was l8 coz she cudnt walk ib tha dress bu i did love da dress n i am so happy joe won =] <3

  6. Elizabeth says:

    same here. i thought it was her dress. You can't blame her for crying and being so emotional, she's been through this whole thing and she's had so much pressure.

  7. Elizabeth says:

    I was crying when she was too, whenever i see her cry it feels like someone pulled my heart out. I luv you so much chez

  8. Hannah says:

    Bless her i love them both soooo much

  9. marina says:

    every one seems to think she is fake. but she isn’t she is quite emotional i was crying myself, i bet it was even harder for her!!

  10. Nikki says:

    i was cryingmy blimin heart out whn cheryl started… ya cnt really blame her thou for crying… she wnted Joe in th final soooo much.. bt thn he ends up winning… nd i really luv the winners single i luv The Climb coz i luv Miley Cyrus… so i think its a fab song nd i'll deffo be buying it :):):):)

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