Americans Don’t Understand Geordie’s

Really? Well now there’s a surprise. Could we not have worked that one out ages ago? To say that estimates reckon that less than 20% of Americans own a passport, and many of that number are foreign born, tells us just how insular the country is with the majority never experiencing travel abroad.

Ignorance about the UK is astounding as well – it may sound like a cliché to be asked by an American if you know the only other English person they have ever met, but it really does happen. They think the country is tiny and of course everyone knows everyone else like in a quaint little village, aaah how naïve. To try and explain the notable differences in accents between cities which are actually very near to each other, relatively speaking – think Newcastle/Liverpool/Birmingham – would just boggle the brain. My favourite comment on the difference between us is that Americans think 100 years is a long time and the British think 100 miles is a long way. Think about it.

Poor old Cheryl though with her lovely colloquialisms and North East tones. The producers of X Factor in the US could surely have polled a sample audience for a result before letting her out on the show, only to be canned 4 days later. It doesn’t seem overly professional to me, and what was Simon Cowell thinking? If, as reports say, it is not his fault then maybe he should have done more to protect her – perhaps that’s why she is too mad to speak to her friend right now. Can’t say as I blame her!

So will she get elocution lessons? Of course not! Cheryl’s accent is part of who she is, and good on you girl I say, with a slight Leeds accent which I have to say I really quite like, us Northern lasses are a force to be reckoned with!

Alex Corcoran
Alex Corcoran is a reality TV nut and content writer who loves anything to do with X Factor and playing Wink Bingo Games online.

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