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Angry Cheryl Cole Releases A Statement Via Twitter over Marriage Troubles

Angry Cheryl Cole Releases A Statement Via Twitter over Marriage Troubles

Cheryl Cole has today taken to her official Twitter account to clear up a few issues the media are pushing regarding her.

Yesterday while in France, Cheryl Cole was pictured proudly showing off her left hand, minus her wedding ring. The media instantly jumped on the story, and for many weeks now, have been claiming this whole marriage situation could be a publicity stunt on the part of Cheryl, designed to enhance her solo career.

Cheryl feels it’s time she had her say, in HER own words. So we’re publishing her statement in full below….

I just wanted to clear up the stories about whether I am wearing my wedding ring in my own words as this has been going on for too long and is getting boring. It is not some silly game I am playing. That is not me and not my style. There have been many occasions where I have not worn my wedding ring, many of those when I was pictured with Ashley.

I find it crazy that people would think I use this as some sort of msg. Believe it or not Ashley is fully aware of any situation going on in our personal lives. He does not need to see a picture of me moving the hair out of my face to explain anything. Please drop it.

So there you have it, in Cheryl’s own words, she’s publicly asking the media to drop these ridiculous “publicity stunt” claims, and the fact that when she doesn’t wear her wedding ring, it isn’t to make some sort of statement.


  1. Andrew MacDonald says:

    Cheryl doesn't use Twitter. There are loads of fakes on there but Chez has confirmed in Interviews that she doesnt use Twitter or Facebook.

    We run a Cheryl Cole Twitter fansite which you can follow for all the latest news and gossip:http://twitter.com/swiftmed

  2. Keira says:

    What is Cheryl Cole's Twitter anywho? =S

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