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Are Cheryl And Charlotte Finally Leaving The Feud Behind Them?

Are Cheryl And Charlotte Finally Leaving The Feud Behind Them?

Charlotte Church The on going feud between Charlotte Church and Cheryl Cole all started when Cheryl blamed Charlotte for stealing the Girls Aloud sound. From then onwards bitchy comments have been thrown at each other through the media.

Charlotte has finally ended the five year cat fight as she admits she feels sorry for Cheryl after what has happened in the past few months with Ashley. Just as Cheryl and Charlotte are about to be talent show rivals Charlotte has offered Cheryl an olive branch.

Charlotte admitted that Cheryl must be devastated by her marriage breakup, she says she can sympathise with her previous partner and feels for what she is going through right now. Charlotte told one of her close friends “i know what it’s like having your life laid bare. I feel so sorry for Cheryl. What she’s going through is terrible”

Charlotte is one of just two of Cheryl’s rivals including Liliy Allen so now Cheryl only has one person to worry about having a catfight with.

Who is glad Charlotte is sympathising over Cheryl? All i know is she needs people to be nice to her at this tough time so i’m glad even her enemies are feeling for her :)


  1. Andrew MacDonald says:

    Im happy Charlotte has done the right thing in these tough times for Cheryl, and it really goes to show that Charlotte isnt always the loud-mouth stuck up bitch the media would like to portray her as.

    She has gone up in my estimation!!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    It's nice that Chorlotte's putting the past behind and actually caring about Cheryl. The past is the past. Just live life as it goes

  3. Elizabeth says:


  4. gwyn pughe says:

    they should all grow up everyone in life gets dumped when will c/cole grow up no voice no personality who cares her voice grates on all i should think cries continuously not proffesional

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