As Cheryl Cole Quits Marriage, Fire Brigade and Police Called to her Surrey Mansion

Cheryl Cole Mansion Fire Brigade As Cheryl Cole Officially split With Ashley this afternoon, its been reported that the fire brigade and police units have been called to the Cole’s £6 million mansion in Oxshott, Surrey.

Having made he way through nearly 50 photographers, 6 of which were following her Mercedes home from the airport on motorcycles, Chery made her way into her home, which was vacated by Ashley just hours earlier at the request of Cheryl.

Cheryl Cole arrived home at her mansion at 12.30pm. Shortly after two fire engines were seen going up the drive, all of which with emergency sirens and lights going. Minutes later a police car followed, but any news of some sort of accident at the Coles home was quickly shot down as Surrey Fire & Rescue Service said it was a false alarm.

A spokesman said: “It was activated due to a malfunction. We got the call from the fire alarm company and the fire engines were sent out automatically.”

Unfortunately while the fire and rescue service were equipped to put out a fire, they weren’t able to help Cheryl with her broken heart, although she could have had a really wicked time with 12 firefighters and a mansion all to herself ;-) – Oh how i wish i was a firefighter.

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