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Ashley Cole’s Ex Reveals He’s Always Been A Love Rat

Ashley Cole’s Ex Reveals He’s Always Been A Love Rat

It seems that Cheryl Cole isn’t the only person who has been treated in a love rat way by Ashley Cole because his ex – girl friend Sammi Fugill has come forward and explained how Ashley has used his love rat ways in front of her: while Ashley and Sammi were still together he attempted to kiss another girl in front of Sammi.

Fugill said: “We were at his flat and I nipped to the bathroom. When I got back, I could tell by the look on Nicola’s face that he’d done something. I didn’t want a scene, so I told her I wanted to leave. “I asked if he’d tried it on. She said he had and she was really sorry – he’d lunged at her on the sofa. I texted him and said I knew what had happened with Nicola and that was it.”

He added: “He tried to deny it, but I know my friend wouldn’t lie. I’m just glad that I had the self-respect to dump him. He bombarded me with messages for months afterwards, but I ignored him. Ashley will always be the way he is. He doesn’t deserve a nice girl like Cheryl. I hope she finds someone who treats her well. Cheryl has done the right thing – she needs to stay strong and keep away.”

I agree with Sammi 100 % and I hope Cheryl finds someone that cares for her but what do you think? Leave your comments below …


  1. Becky<3 says:

    ahh, that is so TRUE. He doesn't deserve Cheryl, she can do way better. He's a cheating scumbag who can go and die for all i care tbh:/ i hate the way he treated Cheryl and what he done to her, he's a complete scum.

  2. Andrew MacDonald says:

    Great post Molly. Thank you for writing it up for me. Really appreciate it. And yeah i also agree with whats been said. He doesnt REALLY care about Cheryl.

    All he is interested in is what women is gonna drop their knickers for him next.

  3. molly x says:

    Thats ok Andy, if ever you need me to write up an article for you, just ask me, and i will do it xx

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