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Ashley Cole Begs Cheryl: "Please Don't Leave Me, Let's do Sex Rehab..."

Ashley Cole Begs Cheryl: “Please Don’t Leave Me, Let’s do Sex Rehab…”

After Ashley Cole was officially dumped by his wife Cheryl via a statement to the media yesterday, he has desperately bombarded her with phone calls and text messages begging for another chance – and offering to go into rehab to tackle his sex problems.

It seems like Ashley is now getting desperate, and is hoping the tactics Tiger Woods is using – by going into rehab to win back his woman – is going to work for himself and Cheryl. The sad fact for Ashley is that his wife has finally seen him for the cheating, lowlife scumbag he really is.

The 29-year-old footballer has left a string of increasingly emotional voicemails promising he would have sex therapy and marriage counselling if she will take him back. But Cheryl is refusing to answer his phone calls, and hasn’t seen him in person for around 10 days now.

Last night a so-called friend who is clearly cashing in on Cheryl’s misery told The Sun: “Ashley was calling every ten minutes and leaving messages. He was very emotional and in distress. Ashley suggested they could go for counselling and that he could try therapy. He admitted for the first time that he has a problem. Cheryl has refused to answer any of the calls and they went straight to voicemail.

She was with Derek Hough at the time talking about her future. Cheryl was talking constantly and thinking everything through. One minute she was really upbeat, feeling strong and positive about a new life on her own. Then she would come crashing down and feel sorry for Ashley and think how much she loves him.

Funny how Ashley Cole has only admitted to having a problem AFTER he has been caught, isn’t it???

But any thoughts Cheryl Cole has of sticking with Ashley were blown away yesterday, as top aides warned that sticking with him could end up DESTRYOING her career. In the end, Cheryl decided to use the word “separating” in her statement announcing the split, out of respect for her cheating husband. – Why does he deserve any respect from her???

But the source added: “Cheryl IS leaving Ashley, there is no doubt about that. But she wanted to offer him some hope. She is worried about the effect the split will have on him. He gets very down and then makes her feel guilty about him. Friends say she should put herself first. But she does not wish to be cruel or malicious. Cheryl’s going to take more time away and contemplate her next move. She may wish to postpone a divorce indefinitely.

Despite Cheryl’s heartache over Ashley Coles Cheating, celebrity publicist Max Clifford last night predicted the split will actually BOOST Cheryl’s pop career.

It’s obviously sad, but she didn’t really have a choice. It must have been a hard decision because clearly she loves him and, in spite of everything, that will have been very, very painful. You naturally want to believe the best of the people that you love.

And Girls Aloud bandmate Kimberley Walsh – who helped introduce Ashley to Cheryl – said there is no excuse for infidelity. “There has to be fidelity. You have an understanding when you’re with someone that it’s a big commitment to be with that person. So long as you’re both happy – if you’re with them, you’re with them. You can’t have everything and why would you want to? It seems like it’s just an excuse for greediness.

So what do you guys think now that the Cheryl Cole Divorce has come officially from Cheryl’s mouth??

Are we happy about the split, because over the last few days, there have been more and more comments from people saying Cheryl should stay and fight for her marriage… which I think are completely ridiculous comments, but id be interested in hearing everybody’s opinion on the split, now that its’ official.


  1. jessica peakman says:

    gooo cheryl doo happyu she's finshing him she shud have done it the first time her cheated on herrr. soo proud off her :))))))))). she deservessss better and can dooo loads better than ashley anyways sheee beautiful. those saying she shud give it another go are stupid think how ud feel in her position splitting is the best thing for herrr now and in the future. if he loved her as much as he says he does then why did he cheat on cheyl in the first place why would you even heat on her shes the most beautifulest women in the world and especially hu he cheated on her with they wereeeeeeee UGLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. TEAM CHERYL.(LL)

  2. sophie says:

    shes tooo nice she should NOT be feeling guilty or sorry for him in any way shape or form!

  3. They need sex rehab, it must be quite hard fucking a stick..

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