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Ashley Cole Caught Texting Girl Number TWO - More X-Rated Pictures

Ashley Cole Caught Texting Girl Number TWO – More X-Rated Pictures

Today The Sun has exposed shameless Ashley Cole as a liar and a sex text cheat after x-rated messages a pictures of him were found on ANOTHER woman’s mobile phone.

Ashley Cole has been caught sending a blonde secretary HUNDREDS of lurid texts and pictures. This comes just days after Ashley explained away another nude photo scandal. Ashley insisted he’d been “larking about” when the explicit pictures of himself were taken.

But as I predicted last week (I love being right), that was a lie as another woman received IDENTICAL pictures and more than 300 text messages, sent from the SAME mobile phone NINE MONTHS EARLIER. Most were sent while Cheryl was working on the 2008 series of The X Factor, which would have been around 6 months after The Sun revealed he had cheated with hairdresser Aimee Walton.

And the messages – stored on the secretary’s mobile ever since – tear apart the lies concocted by Ashley Cole last week as he denied having text sex with model Sonia Wild. Ashley’s lawyers were quick to responde, insisting the photos on Cole’s phone were a “one-off.

The identity of the secretary is being protected, but the texts on her phone reveal the lengths Ashley went to in a bid to hide his cheating ways from Girls Aloud singer Cheryl Cole. One text read: “I beg u keep this between us. Please delete all texts ill have no balls left.

Ashley also sent the secretary seven pictures of himself, including one in his underpants, another of his face, and two which clearly show he was aroused. And not only is Ashley in trouble with his Mrs, the police might also get involved as sending indecent images over a phone network is a crime, punishable by six months jail or a £5,000 fine.

As the pair exchanged steamy text messages, Ashley again stressed the need for secrecy on October 9th 2008: “We both have things to lose I do trust u alot. And I would never show anyone.” Another text from Cole said: “Can I have 1 of your tits please.

Most of Ashley Cole’s ‘sexting’ took place on Friday and Saturdays – while Cheryl was away working at The X Factor studios in London. The pictures that Cole allegedly sent to this secretary are printed in today’s Sun newspaper. As soon as I can find a set of them which are on the net, I’ll update this post with them.

So anybody who thinks Ashley Cole has changed his ways, and is really a nice bloke, the above proves just what a scumbag he is. Our Cheryl can do sooooooo much better than that looser.


  1. kayleigh says:

    Not sticking up for ashley, but surely this was when they were so called not together, and cheryl had taken the wedding ring off. I think that the press should just leave them alone and let them get on and deal with it themself, they dont need help from the press. I walk into the shop and he and cheryl are all over the papers, it pisses me off let alone cheryl and ashley, just hope that they sort it out the way they wanrt it to go, much love x x x

  2. Andrew MacDonald says:

    Ashley and Cheryl got back together in the May of 2008. Yes Cheryl wasn't wearing her wedding ring, but they were still officially in a relationship with one another.

    This new stuff happened 5 months after they got back together. And the latest picture scandal where the pictures were sent to the glamour model a few weeks ago, that looks even more suspect now. As I said at the time, I rekon Ashley sent the pictures and asked his mate to cover for him.

    Now this secretary has come forward, that casts doubt on the story that his mate sent the pictures to the other girl. I think Ashley has been caught bang-to-rights this time round.

  3. molly x says:

    I think that Cheryl should just walk out on Ashley now because she could do so much better than that scumbag and she let him off the first time he cheated with Aimee Walton but now his doing it again!

  4. Becky<3 says:

    What a stupid dick. They was so happy together, then he just takes it way too far and humiliates her. He's a cheating scum bag, i can't wait until Cheryl goes on Jonathon Ross show, and gets Ashley back. He deserved to get divorced to be honest, Cheryl can do way better than him. I mean come on? Who would want to cheat on Cheryl TWEEDY? She's a stunning women, and always will be.

  5. Nicole says:

    hes the biggest dickhead on the planet

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