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Ashley Cole Cheated With Girl Number Four - Cheryl Furious

Ashley Cole Cheated With Girl Number Four – Cheryl Furious

This is the story that just won’t go away.

In the 7 days since revelations emerged that Ashley Cole was involved in a phone-sex scandal, we have written no less than 13 stories covering the topic… more stories in one week than we have published on Ashley Cole in the last six months!!! Well today we’ll make that 14 stories with yet another post with yet more revelations.

It’s emerged that Ashley Cole has bedded a fourth girl while on a Chelsea tour of America. Ann Corbitt is the fourth girl linked to the husband of Cheryl Cole. Ann has claimed she romped with Cole while at a hotel the Chelsea squad were staying in on a US tour.

The emergence of another lover will heap more pain and humiliation on the Girls Aloud singer, who was spotted on Friday with another man in America.

A pal of this new woman said: “Ashley Cole was celebrating the victory with a handful of Chelsea team-mates and their friends in a bar in downtown Seattle. Ann and a friend got talking to Ashley. Ann and Ashley hit it off straight away and they spent most of the rest of that evening by each other’s side.

Continuing: “They both had quite a bit to drink and were in high spirits. They went on to the Amber nightclub, where they stayed in the VIP area. Ann said she spent the night with Ashley and then left the next morning. She never saw him or spoke to him after that. She went on and on about how cool it is that she slept with a celebrity and how attractive Ashley thought she was. She was really big-headed about the whole thing.

The pal told how Ann has been getting phone calls “out of the blue” in the last few days. The friend said: “She believes Ashley’s associates are trying to silence her. But Cole was last night braced for more lurid revelations as Ann, who works in the office of a Seattle councillor, made it known she is thinking about selling her story. At first she was worried she would lose her job if she ever spoke about it. But now she is weighing up her options. She thinks she could make a lot of money to lay bare the full details.

Ashley Cole was exposed in 2008 of cheating with Aimee Walton, a 22 year old hairdresser. Last week it emerged he was involved in an X-rated photo scandal with a topless glamour model. Most recently, he has been linked with Vicky Gough, and now this new woman has come forward.

I have a feeling this isn’t going to be the last we hear about the Ashley Cole Scandals. I’m betting more women will come forward claiming to have slept with Cole now everything is out in public. The only problem for us, is it’s very hard to verify the women’s stories, but we do have the benefit of knowing Ashley IS a love-rat, therefore stories of more women are quite plausible.

What do you think?


  1. katie says:

    omgg he needs to grow up that man x

  2. Chloe says:

    cant he just stop sleeping with other women

  3. Cheryl doesn't deserve any of this stuff that she is getting. ashley needs to a) get a life b) grow up and c) look at what a genuine, down-to-earth, loving women that he has just hurt.
    LOVE YOU CHERYL x x x x

  4. Megzghan says:

    can he not just sleep with the women he's got(well had)

  5. WoWGold says:

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