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Ashley Cole's New Woman Named as Vicky Gough - Here She Is...

Ashley Cole’s New Woman Named as Vicky Gough – Here She Is…

The girl that recently came forward to claim she’s been sleeping with love-rat Ashley Cole has now been named.

Vicky Goughs identity – which she wanted to keep a secret – has leaked out after football fans have named her in several online forums. She has also been linked romantically with several other premiership footballers.

The blonde secretary came forward and provided phone records, over 300 steamy text messages and dozens of X-rated pictures which she exchanged with Ashley Cole in October 2008. Ashley smuggled her twice into the teams hotel for sex. Vicky Gough is a secretary for Liverpool football club.

Liverpool FC are now investigating to see if Gough’s relationship could impact the club. He reasons for wanting to stay anonymous in the first place was for fear of loosing her job, so thats likely a very real possibility.

A spokeswoman for Liverpool FC said: “We are aware of the story and will examine the facts to see if they have any bearing on the club.” Insiders said the secretary’s job could be on the line if she is deemed to have brought the Premiership club into disrepute.

Cheryl Cole has already said she wants a divorce from Ashley this time, and Ashley seems to know it’s over too, as he told several pals: “There may be no way back from this one.

The revelations over Vicky Gough sleeping with Ashley Cole came just days after it was revealed Cole had been texting topless-model Sonia Wild with X-rated images.

Cheryl, 26, jetted off to Los Angeles after her storming performance at the Brit Awards on Tuesday night. She was not wearing her wedding rings.


  1. Andrew MacDonald says:

    Why would Ashley cheat on Cheryl with that skanky bitch.

    Yeah she's quite pretty, but she is hardly in Cheryl Coles league is she???

  2. kayleigh says:

    Typical, most twats come from the football industry :@ Makes me angry, they earn a stupid amount of money, when there are people who deseve it more like soldiers out in afganistan, rather than men kicking a round thing around a rectangle, green.
    Not saying that im not a fan btw :)
    P.s Hope cheryl makes the correct decision, much love x x x

  3. kayleigh says:

    Haha, Cherly cole is in a league of her own, no one can top her beauty, she is stunning, just if she gets rid of ashley, she can have one hott, man, x x x

  4. katie says:

    omg she is such a ugly rat n i agree with ashley there is no way back this time well thats wa i hope x
    cheryl is gawjus y would any1 wanna du this to her x

  5. Beckyy says:

    Oh my god, Ashley is a cheating SCUM! No joke, he cheated on Cheryl like 10 Times:/ He deserves what's coming for him to be honest!


  7. jackie says:

    I thought this was quite sweet for Cheryl

  8. jackie says:

    sorry I meant this was sweet for Cheryl


  9. erinmcardle says:

    omg look at the state of her compered to cheryl look omg he is sick x x
    btw i am team tweedy x x :):D

  10. i reackonu should not get back with the twat u can do well better then him and by the way u really pretty x

  11. What a spoon. she must be proper despate. and she looks rough no wonder ashley went for her its just his type

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