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Ashley Cole Does a Runner After Cheryl's X Factor Performance

Ashley Cole Does a Runner After Cheryl’s X Factor Performance

Ashley Cole Does a Runner Despite Cheryl Cole’s rumours that she wanted no family or friends at The X Factor studio on Sunday when she performed her debut solo single for the first time, it was quite clear that her Girls Aloud band mates (minus Nadine), and her husband Ashley Cole were present to support their friend and wife.

But shortly after Cheryl Cole’s X Factor Performance, Ashley Cole did a runner from the X Factor studio, leaving her to celebrate on her own. The premiership footballer simply vanished from the backstage party to toast her success.

An insider at The X Factor studio said: “When Ashley left it certainly raised a few eyebrows. You would think a husband would stay to celebrate with his missus.

Ashley was one of a few VIP Guests at The X Factor on Sunday, yet he disappeared without a word to anybody. Ashley Cole, Kimberley Walsh, Sarah Harding and Nicola Roberts were all at the studios to support their friend, who was nervous about sharing the bill with diva Whitney Houston, and singing in front of fellow judges, Simon Cowell and Dannii Minogue.

But as soon as the main show ended at 9pm, Ashley slipped off. Members of The X Factor audience claim he was smuggled out of the studio’s, leaving Cheryl to celebrate her amazing success without the support of her rat husband.

After the main X Factor Results Show, Cheryl stayed for interviews in the Xtra Factor studio with Holly Willoughby, before she went backstage to bein her celebrations.

Cheryl had a few glasses of bubbly with her Girls Aloud band mates, before she was snapped leaving The X Factor studio at 10:40pm.

A backstage X Factor employee said: “Ashley was eager to be in the audience and of course the cameras zoomed in on him siting in the crowd smiling. But after that he did a disappearing act. He didn’t hang around.

He continued: “Thank God Sarah, Kimberley and Nicola were there otherwise she would have been celebrating on her own. It’s a bit odd Ashley didn’t stay till the end.”

Something else that I find odd is Simon Cowell and Dannii Minogue didn’t hang around to celebrate or have a drink with Cheryl, is there trouble between the judges already?

We have reached out to Cheryl Cole, but her spokesman has declined to comment.


  1. sophie says:

    ashley is such a knob he literally comes to these events not because he cares just so he can be seen on t.v :@ makes me so angry

  2. Asley needs to get over himself
    What a knob is correct!!
    She is better off without him , but its her choice!!
    If the other two judges went off (I do not believe it) then it must have been important

  3. Ashley to needs to grown up and act his shoes sizes. and he should’t left his beautiful wife to celebrate with her friends. he should be support her all away the way. and it was nt nice want he did. i understand want rsm saying she is better off without him.and his a creep. angie aspatria

  4. sharon says:

    love u cheryl get rid of him hes no good for u babe xxxxxxxxxx

  5. CHERYL COLE FAN. says:

    actually i think ashey went because he was jjsut told this brother was in hospital:S. and i think cheryl joined him later. thats what i herd anyway:). I LOVE CHERLY COLE(L)(L)(L)(L)(L)

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