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Ashley Cole FAILS to Win Cheryl Cole's Heart Back in Crisis Talks

Ashley Cole FAILS to Win Cheryl Cole’s Heart Back in Crisis Talks

Yesterday we brought you news that Ashley Cole has Returned Home after his stop in a French clinic for treatment on his broken ankle. The footballer player returned home to the Surrey mansion the couple shared at 7pm on Friday evening, where he and Cheryl would come face-to-face for the first time in nearly a month.

This was the meeting that Cheryl Cole Fans feared most. Cheryl was adamant she would not take Ashley back after his affairs in 2008, but after seeing him face-to-face, she agreed to give it another chance, and that’s what we feared would happen again, but if our sources are correct, Ashley has failed in his bid to win his wife back.

After he explained himself last night, Cheryl rubished all his attempts at a reconciliation, and refused to let him spend the night at their home. The poorly singer told him to pack his bags and leave… immediately!!!

Ashley Cole had hoped to win her round and spend the night at their mansion on Friday. But when he arrived at their 12-bedroom home, Cheryl made it absolutely clear she only wanted him to pick up his belongings and make a sharp exit.

He obeyed her demands, and just hours later turned up at his football clubs training group in a “complete state.” A source close to Cheryl said: “There was no way she was going to let him stay the night. She let him come back to the house but made it clear he was only collecting some tings then leave. In her mind he was there to pack his bags.

Ashley Cole was said to have spent the night at a pal who lives close by his mansion – ironically called Hurtmore House. When arriving at his training ground the next morning, he was in such a mess that officials are seriously worried about his state of mind.

It was obvious something had gone badly wrong the night before. He was visibly upset, and we were shocked at his appearance. He’s a complete state and in a bad way. He was dishevelled, which is unusual for him. It was as if he didn’t care about how he looks any more. He also looked very gaunt. It was obvious he’s lost a lot of weight and hasn’t been looking after himself,” said a football insider.

Before his meeting with Cheryl, Ashley was said to be confident he could win round his wife again, despite his string of very public affairs. An insider said: “Ashley had been very cocky about getting Cheryl back – even before the World Cup. That’s his goal. He thought things would change when he was face to face with her – that she would realise that she’d made a mistake [WTF??????]. He hadn’t been due back until Monday, then he heard she was ill and he wanted to make sure she was OK.

Petty he didn’t think about how Cheryl felt before he slept with half of England, eh?? And why would Cheryl realise SHE had made the mistake here? Cocky prick. Anyways, moving on.

It’s looking like its finally dawned on him that he’s not going to win his Girls Aloud singing wife back. The News of the World source said: “He knows turning around this situation is going to be very difficult and could even be impossible. The realisation of that has hit him really hard this week.

GOOD!!! Despite giving Ashley his marching orders via an official statement four weeks ago, and ordering him to pack his bags on Friday night, Cheryl still hasn’t called in the divorce lawyers.

A friend of Cheryl’s said: “She can hardly leave her bed at the moment, she’s so sick. Everything has caught up with her. She’s not making any decisions about anything. Her intention is to stay apart from Ashley but she does love him. And the fact she even let him in on Friday night is quite telling. She could have changed the locks or arranged to have what he needed sent to him. But she doesn’t want to completely shut him out when things are so raw and she doesn’t know how she’ll be feeling in a few weeks.

In other words, Cheryl’s feelings towards Ashley right now point towards a definite split, though she may have a change of heart in a few weeks from now.

Ashley Cole Arriving At Surrey Mansion ‘Hurtmore House’

When Cheryl Cole has recovered from her chest illness, she plans to travel around Europe to promote 3 Words. “She’s not going to do lots in the UK over the next couple of months. She wants to turn her attention to Europe. Things are going really well for her out there and the music is going down nicely. But for it to work well she has to spend more time over there working the different territories. It will provide her with a nice escape from the dramas with Ashley.

So from what I can gather from that last statement, when Cheryl is feeling better, she’ll be working out of England for a few months, so those of us who were hoping for a quick conclusion to this saga, it’s not going to happen. A divorce – if it ever happens, could be another 12 months away, bearing in mind Ashley Cole will be in Africa all Summer.

So what do we think folks? Did Cheryl do the right thing in not allowing Ashley to stay the night? Comments below please.


  1. Andrew MacDonald says:

    Im glad she gave him his marching orders. That instantly told Ashley that he didn't have the upper hand in that situation, and that she wasn't taking any prisoners.

    Either that, or she had Derek Hough upstairs in her bedroom so she wanted the place to herself.

  2. rachel says:

    i think ash has done wrong put why have we got the right to say wither cheryl hasnt to take him back or not were not the 1s in love with each other i think we should support cheryl wot ever the outcome is

  3. sophie says:

    this is like THE longest post ever hahah but im sooooooooooo glad she didnt take him back and pissed of he described it as her mistake wtf!!?!?!?!

  4. Andrew MacDonald says:

    That's what i thought while writing it.

    I thought, "is this ever going to end." When i got to the end of the post. I re-read it FOUR times removing all the bits that weren't really necessary, and it still came out this long. Imagine how much longer it would have been with all the shit i deleted still in it?

    And i was writing it at like 2am, half asleep.

  5. Slamin1986 says:

    Hey people :-) I really really hope she doesn’t think about taking him back she’s such a gorgeous person through and through and as we all know far too bloody good for that lousy idiot. X x x x

  6. george says:

    Its really a shame..two people who fell in love had to end it this way.
    All said and done,its just a matter to this two.people should know that. she may be responding to the press,contrary to what she really want…no doubt she is beautiful and that,but what do we all want in this life…..true happiness.thats all that matters.yes,he has cheated…yes, he has not been wise allowing the mother to live with them all this while…the two are in their 20s….what the f*£k was her mum doing in their house….Apparently,we`ll end up with two people who`ll never be happy with anybody else,should they seperate….
    I am so sick about Cheryl this Cheryl that….she is not such an angel….remember what she did to the lady in the nite club lavatory?what in god`s name was a bloke doing in the hotel room at about 4am….Look am fed up with all this.there are people on Ashley`s case who are having affairs…..well,once its not out…who care?

  7. Stephanie says:

    i think she should give him another chance because shutting him out of her life is only going to make her more ill.

  8. Lisa Claire May says:

    i think she done a good thing because she gived him loads of chances but i guess he did not care anymore

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