Ashley Cole Fined £200,000 for Cheating on Cheryl Tweedy

Another day, another story involving whats now being dubbed as the Ashley Cole Sex Scandal.

Despite being on leave for a broken ankle right now, Ashley Cole will be FINED two hundred thousand pounds for his very public infidelities with Vicky Gough.

Chelsea Football Club owner Roman Abramovich was left fuming after revelations that Cole TWICE smuggled a girl into the teams hotel after away-day matches. And he’s ordered the team coach to get tough on footballers who have been caught cheating.

Boss Carlo Ancelotti said: “It was the owner’s idea and we have had a meeting with all the players this week, explaining to them the behaviour that is expected here. Now everyone knows what they have to do to protect the image of this club.

Ashley Cole signed a £100,000 a week contract in September, and is set to be docked two weeks’ wages for dragging his club, Chelsea’s name through the mud. And Ashley must have been even more embarrassed yesterday as the true identity of the women he slept with was released. Vicky Gough works for Chelsea’s RIVAL, Liverpool Football Club.

Russian tycoon Roman Abramovich – worth £62 billion pounds – was already furious over the very public news of John Terry’s affairs, and just one week later, another of his footballers was exposed as a love rat for the second time…. ASHLEY.

It is believed that John Terry will NOT be fined for his affairs because he didn’t break any club rules, whereas Cole, wont be so lucky. He maliciously defied the rules banning ANY visitors in team hotels, therefore he will be punished.

And if there’s any other dark secrets Ashley Cole is hiding (I’m betting there are many), he better do his best to keep them a secret, as he’s been warned he could face further punishment if details of any more breaches of discipline emerge.

Well I must say, when I read news of Ashley being fined a quarter of a million pounds, I was elated. Not only has Cheryl left him, she’s already partying with another man, she’s set to file for divorce, and now he’s being hit where it hurts him most… his pocket.

And it’s going to hurt even more when Cheryl drags him through the divorce courts, taking the vast majority of his assets and earnings.

High Five Cheryl Fans!!!!!!!!


  1. Cheryl has done exremley well through all of this and as I said before I am backing her 200% of the way.

    YOU GO CHERYL. Keep doing what your doing and you will get further than he could ever Dream x x x x

  2. Elizabeth says:

    You noe what, it looks like Cheryl's taking all this scandal a laugh. She's left the UK, partying all night, out all day at the cinema and recording, hanging out with a new man, and just having fun. Whereas Ashley's at home in his own little disgusting world begging Cheryl to not leave him. I bet you there's not only 4 women, more and more are gonna come out soon to get his money and to get fame. but guess what Ashley, it's over. Cheryl still luvs you, but she's found a new man to hang out with. And soon when you close your eyes, she'll be GONE. :D that's all your fault.. You had the best woman you could EVER EVER dream of in your wildest dreams, and now *POOF* gone.
    She treated you well, she was faithful for 3 and a half years, you? She fought for your marriage. and what have you done to save it? Cheat again?

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Ashley better not go out of the house for the rest of his life cuz i swear, i swear when i see him. He's going down.

  4. Andrew MacDonald says:

    Haha, that comment made me laugh loads.

    Elizabeth, If you take Ashley Cole down, you'll be Cheryl Cole's hero for life. And I for one will be very honoured to know you!!! Just make sure you take lots of pictures so i can publish them here and get loads of free publicity.

    haha. xxx

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