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Ashley Cole Gets Four Month Driving Ban and £1000 Fine

Ashley Cole Gets Four Month Driving Ban and £1000 Fine

We’ve been following this story closely since it was revealed last year that Ashley Cole Was Caught Speeding at 104mph in his Lamborghini Gallardo sports car.

The Chelsea football player – married to Cheryl Cole – was caught travelling at more than twice the speed limit on the A3 in London. After a court hearing late-last year, the sentancing was adjourned so Cole could be in court to hear his sentance, but Ashley failed to turn up to court this morning and was sentanced in his absense with a £1,000 fine and a four month driving ban.

Ashley Cole claims he was being chased by paparazzi when caught, although the police officer at the scene saw no such thing. When asked what speed he thought he was doing, Cole replied “80mph“, which was well below the actual speed of 104mph displayed on the officers speed gun.

Kingston Magistrates prosecuted Cole in his absense this morning, and his solicitor was told her client could face prision should he drive while disqualified.

But as we all know, Ashley Cole likes getting away with things when he has been caught out. *cough* cheating scumbag *cough*, so his legal team informed the press that her client (Cole) would be immediately launching a bid to overturn the driving ban, which ‘could’ be considered at a later court date.

Katherine Hodson, defending Mr Cole revealed that Cole was “regrettably” unable to attend the hearing because he was playing a football match tomorrow night.

So did Ashley Cole get what he deserved people? Do you think he should be allowed to launch a bid to overturn the driving ban just because he is a celebrity with lots of money, or should he do his time like the rest of us have to?


  1. molly says:

    I think that he deserved it and just because his a celebrity dosen't mean that he can't get jailed. He should be treated like the rest of us!

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