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Ashley Cole Moans: 'My Life Is Completely Ruined'

Ashley Cole Moans: ‘My Life Is Completely Ruined’

Gutted Ashley Cole has spoken for the first time since his marriage split yesterday, telling the Sun: “My life is ruined.

The love-rat footballer spoke from the clinic in France where he’s having his broken ankle attended to, holding his head in his hands saying: “Fucking hell, my life is ruined.” Close to tears, he continued: “I just want to be left alone – every thing’s gone so wrong.

Well that’s what happens when you cheat on your wife Ashley. Cheryl Cole dumped Ashley by text last week, and since then, he’s been moping around nursing his broken ankle in the South of France. He has also ditched his wedding ring, and is growing a staggly beard, insisting he is currently in a “very dark place.

Ashley also hinted that he’s feeling the pressure of his split, moaning: “I’m meant to be here for treatment.

A source inside the clinic Ashley is staying in said: “His frustration is really showing. He’s lost arguably the most attractive girl in Britain and his football career is on ice.

Ashley Cole has been famously outed as a love rat, with FIVE women coming forward claiming to have slept with the Chelsea and England player. Let’s hope every woman in Britain now knows him for the cheating scumbag he actually is, and doesn’t go near him with a barge pole, but since he is “rich and famous“, he’ll have women falling at his feet.

More fool them!!!


  1. katie says:

    hope is life is ruined he dont deserve her

  2. lorriannie says:

    wells whos fault is that what a twat!!

  3. Sandraaaa says:

    grr this made me so angry!! you think YOUR life is ruined, why dont you take yourself away from the mirror for 2 SECONDS and take a little look at all that MONSTROUS DAMAGE you've done to our cheryl!!!!!!!!! self-obsessed retarted prick!! :@ :@

  4. I can not help thinking this whole think is on big put up job, what I mean is I think Cheryl Cole married the super star footballer as part of her plan to become a single artisit on leaving her band. Her management have worked it ever since. The mother in law stuff leads me to believe he was hung out to dry. Relising that without love at home he would look elsewhere he was played.

    A lesson in master manipulation, maybe there was love but I think she used him to up her profile and now while he is down with the allegations and the injury she is off. I am married and not sure I could do that to my husband under the circumstances.

    I think he should go to a foreign club get himself a nice young wag who can think only of him and he should be ok. Time will tell if she is a genuine person, I think toilete incident gave a insite into the true character.

    I feel sorry for them both because the smell of money is taking the lead

  5. sophie says:

    his fault so why is he complaining?

  6. Andrew MacDonald says:

    I think your theory is way off mark.

    I truly don't believe Cheryl Cole is like that, and many other people will agree. As for the "he was set up" thing, HE cheated on his wife on FIVE occasions. Nobody forced him. That is NOBODY else's fault but his own.

    He cheated on Cheryl two years ago, she gave him a second chance. If she was doing this to up her own profile, she would have gotten out of the marriage back then, because by that time, she was already a huge star in her own right, working on the x factor etc.

    Yes she didn't go solo until this year, but that does not mean she intended to or even tried to manipulate him. He is just a TYPICAL FOOTBALLER who thinks he can go around the world, shagging whoever he likes and thinks he can get away with it.

    Thankfully, Cheryl has woken up and now sees exactly what he is like, and has kicked his arse out. Well done Chezza.

  7. It is so amazing to hear strange things about this couple i admire so much. it is ridiculous that Love means nothing to cherry. My questions are (1)is your husband the first among your fellow celebrities to cheat,(2) if you claim you love ashley, why will you and your mother plan to throw him out at this critical point he need you more, a wife , your husband is in the hospital what bothers you is money money money, your man and your marriage means nothing to you, now you are complaining of him cheating on you when you are no where to be found, (3)what in this world will a mother in-law do in your house , i mean for young vibrant couple like you and ashley(4)do not deceive yourself cherry, what will you be doing with a dancer you pay his wages in a hotel room for 9hours or more, discussing contract i guess.
    My dear if you leave ashley i pray he will get over it very very soon and move on as you already did ok, he will get the best woman that will have time for him. then you will marry your mother and your money later in life. am sure you are not ready to settle down, you dont know what marriage is all about.

  8. Andrew MacDonald says:

    haha, thats got to be one of the funniest things ive read all week.

    Why abandon her husband when he is at this critical point in his life where he needs her?? WHY does she owe him ANYTHING when he as disrespected her publicly by cheating, 2 he got caught and 3, he's a total scumbag.

    ANY women who stands by their man after they have cheated FIVE times is a complete doormat. Cheryl absolutely made the right decision, and all you geeks who are coming here and sticking up for Ashley are hypocrites.

    If Ashley treated YOUR daughter or your sister the way he has treated Cheryl, would you stick up for him, tell her to stay with him? NO. Because your daughter or sister deserves much better. A man who is contempt and happy with just your daughter, and doesn't feel the need to sleep around.

    Why doesn't Cheryl also deserve better, in your mind?

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