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Ashley Cole 'Prefers Football Over Wife Cheryl'

Ashley Cole ‘Prefers Football Over Wife Cheryl’

Ashley Cole Watches Football Instead of Wife It comes as no surprise to most of you regulars on this website that I don’t personally like Ashley Cole, but today he confirmed some news that I’ve suspected for a very long time.

Ashley Cole is more interested in football than what Cheryl Cole is doing. Premiership footballer Ashley chose to watch football instead of The X Factor this weekend, which of course stars his wife, Cheryl.

The Chelsea defender seemed more interested in England’s loss to Brazil than listening to X Factor judge Cheryl Cole’s comments to the contestants.

He also watched Ireland’s World Cup Qualifier against France. “We thought he might have given Cheryl some support by watching her, but he stayed in her dressing room watching the footy,” a source told The Sun.

The insider who works on The X Factor said: “He had a TV in there and was quite comfortable. He would have been on the pitch with the team if he had not been injured – so I suppose it would have been more odd for him to be watching Jedward.

That is typical Ashley behaviour that is. He doesn’t seem to support his wife in ANYTHING she does. What a complete and utter pr*ck.

P.S. – I chose the picture of Ashley to show you guys just what a nice fellow he is!


  1. sophie says:

    hahah lovely isnt he NOT

  2. Victoria says:

    You're a bit of a prick really. If he wasnt injured he'd have been in Brazil playing football, so lets be honest, whats the difference. She barely ever goes to any of his football games, regardless of how important they are, and I doubt she watches them, so lets be honest, whats he doing wrong. Just because shes somehow become th prodigal daughter, she has a bad past also, you need to lighten up, and realise as a footballer, and a class one at that, he needs to support his national team, rather than th likes of Lloyd and Joe.

  3. i agree
    they are both as bad as each other as yeah he doesnt watch cheryl but does she ever watch him?!

  4. Andrew MacDonald says:

    I'm a bit of a prick??

    If you don't like what i write on this site love, i suggest you head back to Google and find another place to get your Cheryl news.

  5. Elizabeth says:

    It's not fair for Cheryl. she's done so much, she deserves much better. If he can sit there and watch football, then why can't he sit there to support Cheryl on XFactor? why can't he just support her for once? how hard is it? if he doesn't care about Cheryl, then why ask her to marry him? Cheryl does go watch his matches by the way.

    luv you cheryl

  6. Hannah says:


  7. what the big deal he his making money out of football that were his money come from i think people need to stop talking about Ashley and cheryl and go and try and make money for them self these gays are ok making there own money please for God sake go get a life.

  8. Just one guy says:

    Haha I just came to this site to find some good pics of cheryl to spank one off too but whoever writes these articles is one sad bastard and needs a fucking life!

  9. Andrew MacDonald says:

    Grow up you sick immature little prick. If you don't like my website, don't come and look at it.

    Find your pictures to masturbate to elsewhere, or even better, GET A GIRLFRIEND!!!

  10. Just one guy says:

    stfu you sad fucking celebrity fan boy, you need to live in the real world mate.

    you people disgust me

  11. Andrew MacDonald says:

    Us people disgust you?

    Dont you think you disgust EVERY SINGLE PERSON on this website when you come here to say i only came her to look for pictures to spank off too.

    Get a girlfriend you childish little prick.

  12. @xxbubblepopxx says:

    Mabey he just doesnt like the Xfactor, u ever think of that?? He wanted 2 see his team play, he wud of been playin if he wernt ingured, Just cause he made a mistake a cuple of yrs bk, doesnt make him a bad person, itz not lyk u have neva made a mistake, the press have just elivated it to extremes, Cheryl Has obv forgiven him, so why cant u? Nd he did acctually confess and opoligise to Cheryl before the headlines hit the press. Just grow up and move on, Cheryl obv likes him and has forgiven him enough to go bk 2 him so just forget about itx

  13. Lauren says:

    cheryl duz wach him actually k and if ya dont bludy lke her den dont cum on her site fck all da bludy haters i luv cheryl and asley shud show the least bit of support by actually wachin CHeryl

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