Ashley Cole Warned By Cheryl Cole About Her Autobiography

Cheryl Cole has asked her former husband Ashley Cole for leaving the UK when her autobiography hits the shelves. The recently hired X Factor judge divorced the English footballer in 2010 after allegations that he had cheated on her.

Cheryl has written a “truthful and an honest” book on her life but she wanted her former husband know about it too so that so that he can be prepared for what’s coming ahead.

When asked by Jonathan Ross, a talk show host whether Ashley want any changes, she replied: it didn’t matter if he did asked, speaking honestly. She just though it would be nice to give a heads up to him, so that he can depart two week earlier.

The “Call My Name” hit maker who is currently dating US dancer Tre Holloway, said she decided to write
“her story” because she wanted the people know her other side as well as everything truthful of her life.

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