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Ashley Cole's Father Sides with Cheryl: "My Son Had It Coming to Him"

Ashley Cole’s Father Sides with Cheryl: “My Son Had It Coming to Him”

Another day, another report surrounding the Cheryl Cole Divorce. For 11 days-solid now, we have pretty much exclusively reported on Cheryl and Ashley Cole’s marriage breakdown on this website, and at the rate new stories are being published in all the usual places, I can’t see that changing anytime soon, so you guy’s better get used to it, at least for the time being.

Anyways, the father of footballer Ashley Cole has surprisingly dismissed family loyalty, and has sided with his daughter-in-law, Cheryl Cole, saying that Ashley deserved to be dumped for cheating on Chezza.

Speaking from his home in Australia – which was purchased for him by Ashley at £1.5 million – Ron Callender, 52, said he felt the split was “inevitable” after Cole was caught red-handed “playing away.

He added: “Nobody can blame Cheryl for giving Ashley the boot. He’s made her look a complete mug.” Ron, who works in a factory and parted with Ashley’s mum when he was three, urged Ashley to get in touch with him as they have not spoken for some time, offering: “I’ll give him all the support I can.

With all due respect Ron, when you publicly go to the media supporting your sons wife, it’s unlikely he is going to call you up asking for your support, is he?


  1. Andrew MacDonald says:

    Well, with a scumbag son like that, and a SMOKIN HOT daughter-in-law, id side with Cheryl too, even if my son was a saint. LOL

  2. Emma B says:

    I would side with Cheryl any day. She has always been faithful and never cheated or anything of the sort. So I would give ashley the boot too. ashley's dad made the right choice in siding with Cheryl.

    I LOVE YOU CHERYL x x x x

  3. sophie says:

    hahah what a nice guy :)

  4. well he knows what happened and cant choose ashley's side 4 sure.
    stupid ashley..
    btw i heard that chelsea knew about this affairs between ashley ''scumbag" and those b*ches.
    they helped ashley and those b*ches with whut 2 do, 2 keep this cheatin a secret ffs.

    from holland ( hope 2 see yu once )

  5. i have a question, cuz i just watched a vid. of her, where she ssays she will come 2 holland :D
    some1 knows when she will come or keep me in touch with it? tnx
    ( mr_prada05@hotmail.com )

  6. Hannah Goodall says:

    awww ashleys got no onee

  7. Hannah Goodall says:

    ahsleys got no onee hahah :)

  8. sharon says:

    hi cheryl, i know he is a pratt, ie your husband, but I am a great believe in second chances and marriage, god knows he does not deserve you, but i think this time with the humiliaton and exposure, he will sort himself out. dont give into these skanks who have sold their stories and let know one make your decision about your marriage except you, please speak to him and then make your mind up, i know you really love him and he doees too and that love is too strong just to throw away overnight – good luck in whatever you decide, your fans will always be there for you and respect what ever you decide – fight for your love

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