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Ashley Cole's In Trouble as He Backs Danyl Johnson to Win!

Ashley Cole’s In Trouble as He Backs Danyl Johnson to Win!

Cheryl Cole isnt going to be happy when she sees this video. When asked who is likely to win this years series of The X Factor, Ashley Cole chose an act which isnt mentored by his lovely wife, Danyl Johnson, who resides in Simon Cowell’s category.

Channelbee.com asked one simple question, ‘Who Will Win The X Factor’ to a host of famous faces from the world of news, sport and entertainment. Danny Dyer is backing Stacey Soloman, Tynchy Stryder is backing Olly Murs but Ashley Cole made the ill-fated decision to back one of Simon’s acts, Danyl Johnson.

I wonder how much trouble he’ll be in when Cheryl Cole sees this video.

Ashley Cole Backing Danyl Johnson on The X Factor


  1. i swear ashley cole isnt in this?

  2. Andrew MacDonald says:

    Your totally right Soph, i uploaded completely the wrong video.

    The right one is there now. Sorry about that :-)

  3. ZedFour says:

    no, she's still not in it

  4. ZedFour says:

    Really? she's still not in it

  5. Andrew MacDonald says:

    I didnt say Cheryl was in it. Ashley Cole is in the video.

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