Be as flawless as Cheryl

Cheryl Cole always has flawless make up and is currently fronting an ad for L’Oreal’s Telescopic Mascara. She’s the kind of woman others look to for guidance on make up and wardrobe tips – as she can make any outfit look great.

Cheryl is one of many celebrities who have become spokespeople for different beauty products and hair care products. However, you can’t help thinking that celebrities’ make up would look great as they have professional make up artists getting them ready for their photo shoots and appearances.

For the non-celebrities amongst us, sites like Super Savvy Me are also a great source of information for real women looking to find out which beauty products score well on home testing. The Savvy Circle is made up of site users who test out different products and then provide reviews for other readers. Anyone can sign up to become a member of the Savvy Circle and be a product reviewer.

The best tip for great make up is to have a really good base which you can apply your make up onto. This means taking really good care of your skin, so that it is as free as possible from blemishes. Before applying shadow and blusher, use a really good foundation and apply a light, smooth layer all over your face with a make up sponge. The foundation needs to suit your natural skin tone and, once applied, should be set with a little powder.

Next apply your blusher – again with a tone that suits your skin colour – and eye shadow. Add liner to your top and bottom lids and mascara to your lashes. Finally, apply lipstick or lip gloss.

You may not come away with as flawless a look as Cheryl Cole, but following these basic make up tips will help you get it right!

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