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Because she's worth it: Cheryl Cole lands £500k L'Oreal deal

Because she’s worth it: Cheryl Cole lands £500k L’Oreal deal

Cheryl Cole L'Oreal Paris Cheryl Cole is one of the biggest celebrities in the UK right now, and soon to be heading stateside too, if she has her way.

So when Cheryl landed a contract to be the face of L’Oreal Paris, worth £500,000 per year, we weren’t at all surprised.

The sexy X Factor judge has signed the deal, and will now front the major TV, billboard and magazine campaign this autumn for the fashion powerhouse. Cheryl is the first Brit to front L’Oreal since Kate Moss.

A source for Cheryl said: “Cheryl is a beautiful, sassy girl who is just perfect for this particular job. She is everything that young women aspire to. She has amazing skin and hair and had everything L’Oreal was looking for.

Recently Cheryl Cole dyed her hair red, but has now reverted back to brunette. The deal means she can no longer experiment with her locks. “Cheryl dyed her hair for a magazine fashion shoot but went back to her original brunette within a couple of days,” a source for the Daily Mirror said.

What we don’t understand is if Cheryl dyed her hair for a magazine shoot, and fully intended to revert back to brunette, why did she state she changed her hair because she was ‘desperate for a change.’ A so-called expert also said Cheryl Cole went red because she wanted to ‘show her cheeky side.’

What did you think of Cheryl Cole’s Red Hair?


  1. peterconnor says:

    Nestle who own L'Oreal are subject to a long-standign consumer boycott because their marketing tactics of infant formula in economically less developed countries lead to infant deaths. Nestle continues to break the World Health Organisations code of conduct for marketing breastmilk substitutes.

    Further information at www. babymilkaction.org

    Cheryl always strikes me a compassionate person. I hope she reconsiders her decsion to endorse L'Oreal and help boost the profits of a reprehensibel company like Nestle.

    Peter Connor

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