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Breaking News: Cheryl Cole's Surrey Mansion Raided by Thieves

Breaking News: Cheryl Cole’s Surrey Mansion Raided by Thieves

Breaking news just in, raiders have tried to break into Ashley and Cheryl Cole’s Surrey mansion to steal BOTH Cheryl’s wedding rings, worth nearly £310,000.

Ashley Cole was forced to dial 999 after being woken at 4.30am by the raiders. The police think the bandits struck after seeing Cheryl Cole leaving the country without her diamond wedding rings. A window was forced at the mansion – worth £6 million – which woke love-rat Ashley Cole.

In the call to police, the shaken England player said: “Please come quick. Someones trying to break in.” Police are convinced thieves were after Cheryl’s wedding rings.

Cole bought Cheryl’s first wedding ring in 2006 – a heart-shaped rock worth £150,000. He bought Cheryl a second wedding ring worth £165,000 in 2008 after she took him back following his infidelities with Aimee Walton.

It’s believed the raiders didn’t expect Ashley to be at home as he planned to escape the media attention by staying with his mother for a few weeks, but decided to stay home to nurse his injured ankle. Several police units raced to the scene, but the raiders had fled before they arrived.

There has so far been no word on whether the burglars actually got into the house, and if anything was stolen. Police seem to think that the raiders were fed information by Ashley’s inner circle of friends and advisers.

A senior police source said: “It cannot be coincidence that people attempt to break into the family home when both of them are due to be out of the UK.” Forensic officers are still working at the scene,.

As ever, we’ll bring you more information as it becomes available.


  1. Andrew MacDonald says:

    Or perhaps they weren't breaking in to steal Cheryls rings, maybe they were breaking in to cut Ashley's dick off???

    Me and Sophie were talking about doing that last night, so maybe Sophie went ahead and made an attempt on Ashley's cock overnight????

  2. katie says:

    omgg i love tha house it gawjus x

    y wud any1 wanna du tha wen they no ashley is gonna b there wen cheryl is in la

  3. Christopher McMillan says:

    It socking to do that stealing Cheryl wedding ring like that its not on. I know what I would of done if I was Ashley I would of had the Police to trashed there asses. no one comes between me and my Cheryl ever. I would protect her forever. Don't you worry Cheryl no one will steel anything from you love xxx

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