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Brian Friedman: 'Cheryl Is Making Big Mistakes'

Brian Friedman: ‘Cheryl Is Making Big Mistakes’

Brian Friedman - The X Factor The X Factor’s Mr Creative himself, Brian Friedman has claimed Cheryl Cole will NOT be the winning judge this year, and that she’ll struggle in coming weeks due to her poor contestant choices.

The shows creative director Brian Friedman, who is in charge of choreographing routines for contestants, told the Daily Star: “Cheryl made some very big errors of choice this year and I don’t think she’ll win.

He continued: “I think Cheryl went for people who would win votes instead of the better singers, but I think she made a mistake. I would have put Ethan Boroian and Duane Lamonte through. I don’t think Cheryl is pushing them enough. I don’t think she is choosing the right songs.

And as much as I’m a Cheryl Cole fan, I totally agree with Brian here. Initially, Rikki Loney looked to be a very able contestant, but as he’s proved in the first two weeks, he was boring, dull, and really didn’t entertain us, which ultimately lead to his eviction from the show on Sunday evening.

Despite her poor choices, Joe McElderry is starting to look like the dark horse of the competition, this week heading straight to the top of the bookies odds to win the show, so he is one to watch.

Do you think Cheryl Cole chose the correct acts for The X Factor this year? Has she made poor decisions? Leave a comment below…


  1. sophie says:

    maybe she did :S still love her though

  2. Cheryl says:

    I dont agree. I think Cheryl has the winner in Joseph, said it from the start, he has everything, voice, looks, attitude and likeability factor.xD

  3. Darichka says:

    I miss Ethan very much! Go team Simon!

  4. Whoever didn't put Ethan Boroian through had sure made a mistake.

  5. robert says:

    well she should of put ethan and duane through because it would hav been a great category if she did and she would hav had 3 possible winners with duane joe and ethan

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