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Celebrity Face-Off: Cheryl Cole vs Dannii Minogue

Celebrity Face-Off: Cheryl Cole vs Dannii Minogue

OK now we’re at the end of the current series of The X Factor, it’s time to look back on the most memorable outfits Cheryl Cole and Dannii Minogue have debuted each week in their on-going fashion war.

Our Cheryl Cole Polls seem to do pretty well on this website, and get a fair few comments, so with that in mind, lets get cracking with this celebrity face-off. Checkout the Cheryl vs Dannii images below, and leave your comment on who looks best throughout the entire series of The X Factor, at the bottom of this page.

Dannii Minogue Vs Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole Red Fishscale Dress, Dannii Minogue X Factor Fashion

Both wearing quite odd dresses for the first week on The X Factor, it looks like Dannii has won this round, with a fetching swirly dress, while Cheryl Cole gives the X Factor audience her trademark smile and what appears to be a fish-scale-inspired lampshade.

Cheryl Cole vs Dannii Minogue X Factor Fashion

Here Cheryl Cole is seen in a see-through barbie-esque dress, which is marginally outclassed by Dannii’s thigh-revealing air-stewardess look.

Cheryl Cole Dustbin Lid Dress, Dannii Minogue Hippie Dress

Ahh, who could forget Cheryl Cole’s Dustbin Lid Dress. A slightly bizarre outfit, but it’s certainly a winner when you put it beside Dannii Minogue’s hippie-gown.

Cheryl Cole Silver X Factor Dress, Dannii Minogue See-Through Dress

Last but not least, Cheryl debuts a revealing silver dress straight from the Jetsons. It’s a close-call but Dannii does look gorgeous in a pleated, tight-fitting brown dress.

So who looks best throughout the entire series of The X Factor this year? Dannii Minogue, or our very own Cheryl Cole? Comments below please….


  1. Andrew MacDonald says:

    I think overall, Cheryl Cole definitely wins, but i think Dannii Minogue has really upped her game this year, and as such, there have been quite a few weeks where Dannii definitely out-classed Cheryl when it comes to the fashion factor.

  2. sophie says:

    cheryl cheryl cheryl all the wayyyy x

  3. Cheryl Colee Fan says:

    CHERYL!!! <3
    although, dannii does loook stunning also:)
    but we have to stick by our cheryl:)xxx

  4. Cherylll xxxx says:

    shes gorgeous x x x
    although dannii has had SOME good days on x factor, cheryl is consistent with her beautiful hair, face, body and CLOTHES!
    Every woman wishes they looked like her…..

  5. katie x says:

    cheryl =]

  6. cheryl is the best dress person on tv and she always looks amazing we love you cheryl

  7. Elizabeth says:

    Cheryl all the way. i luved everything she wore this year, well, i always luv what she wears but. Cheryl all the way. i luv luv luv the scaly silver dress, the last one and the red one

    LUV you cheryl xx.


  9. Katie says:

    Danni looked far better than Cheryl who lacks sophistication and looks more like a barbie doll. Danni showed a real sense of fashion and beauty.

  10. Gossip Girl says:

    I sooooo do think that Dannii won alll of them especcially the hippie gown cherly work on it But i still lurve you chezzzaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mwah gg out!

  11. Gossip Girl says:

    Katie is slag

  12. Roller Girl says:

    I think Dannii looked the best. Cherly is a little too ‘try hard’ for me, where as Dannii does seem to have a more innate sense of style.

  13. If you’re a chav, you’ll like Cheryl.

    For the rest of us who know better, Dannii is refined, elegant and infinitely superior to chavvy Cole.

  14. Christopher McMillan says:

    Cheryl is the best of the two she wore the best dress.

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