Cheryl Brands Husband a “Selfish Prick”

Cheryl Cole Girls Aloud babe Cheryl Cole branded her footy husband Ashley a “selfish prick” last night after he was arrested in London whilst she was climbing Africa’s largest mountain, Kilimanjaro for charity.

The Chelsea star, Ashley Cole, 28 was taken into police custody after being drunk and disorderly outside a Fulham nightclub last week. He was also accused of spending the night flirting with a gorgeous blonde in the club. Ashley maintains he was having an “Intellectual Conversation“, but lets face it, he isn’t known for being that trustworthy is he?

The celebrity couple are set for a showdown when Ashley arrived home yesterday (wed) from a Champions League match against Juventus.

A source told the Daily Star newspaper: “She couldn’t believe it was over another woman again and that Ashley had gone back on his word. Cheryl told Ashley in no uncertain terms that he was in the doghouse and they need a serious talk about what happens next.”

“She really tried to make the public love and forgive him. She wanted to prove to those who said she was crazy to take him back that they were wrong. Now she’s left feeling foolish, and wondering whether he can ever be trusted.

Cmon Cheryl, time to loose this Muppet isn’t he? He is dragging you down, the British public hate him, and he couldn’t spell the word trust, let alone understand the meaning of it.

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  1. chloe says:

    good on cheryl time he got a taste of his own medicine

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