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Cheryl Buys Ashley £14k Mini-Hummer

Cheryl Buys Ashley £14k Mini-Hummer

Cheryl Cole buys Mini-Hummer Cheryl Cole has a personal fortune of over £10 million pounds, so when it comes to giving gifts, she can afford to really splash out. That’s exactly what the Girls Aloud babe has done by buying husband Ashley Cole a £14,000 mini-Hummer for their back garden.

The vehicle is a miniature replica of the life-size Hummer, however its an electric-powered vehicle which has a top speed of 35mph, and will have to deal with territory no more demanding than the well-tended grounds of their £3.5 million pound Surrey mansion.

Cheryl bought the black Hummer H3 as a gift for her husband, and in true Footballers’ Wives style, has spent an additional £5,000 customising it with high-spec extras and designer ‘bling’. The extras include 18-inch gold-plated wheels, black leather upholstery and state-of-the-art Sony sound system.

And to complete the WAG makeover, she has also had the couples initials, AC and CC, embroidered onto the headrests in Swarovski crystals.

Cheryl bought the buggy as a present for Ashley,” a source said yesterday. “It’s completely over the top, but Ashley and Cheryl love it. It’s Ashley’s pride and joy. One of their staff is instructed to make sure the hubcaps are always gleaming and the buggy is sparkling clean. There’s even space for Ashley’s golf clubs at the back.

The source continued: “Ashley kept telling Cheryl he wanted one after his friend John Terry, the Chelsea captain, bought one and couldn’t stop raving about it. Ashley loves his motors and thought the Mini Hummer would be the perfect way to get around the grounds of their estate so Cheryl decided to surprise him and treat him to one. It’s a lot of fun and a bit of a statement.

The Mini Hummers, which are often used as golf carts, are custom built in Lincolnshire and start from £8,795. The manufacturer also sells a mini roadster for £7,795 and a mini Cadillac Escalade for £9,795.

Cheryl Cole Bikini Pics The minature cars come in a choice of colours and interiors, and are as popular with celebrities as their full-sized siblings, with the Hummer H3 being the most popular option. Other celebrities which have one include David & Victoria Beckham, Harry Potter star Rupert Grint and members of the royal family.

A spokesman for Mini Hummer Europe said last night: “We have a lot of high-profile clients but we wouldn’t comment on individuals. Mini Hummer is a great eco-friendly product. The life-sized Hummer is known as a criminal on the road, but the Mini version runs on electricity. We hope we are bringing a streak of fun to the green approach.”

The Mini Hummers have recently been given European road registration, which means the Coles would be allowed to drive their H3 on the road, as long as they pay the road tax. A spokesman for the Coles, who are on holiday in the South of France, confirmed last night: “Cheryl bought the Mini Hummer as a present for Ashley.


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    With the Hummer H3 being the most popular option,minature cars come in a choice of colours and interiors, and are as popular with celebrities as their full-sized siblings

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