Cheryl Cole accuses Nadine Coyle for Girls Aloud breakup

Cheryl Cole blamed fellow Girls Aloud member Nadine Coyle for dismantling the band as she wanted to pursue a solo singing career in America.

The “Fight For This Love” singer recalled her experience in her newly launched memoirs, “Cheryl: My Story”, where Cheryl said the whole band was expecting it from her but were shaken when she revealed her decision, reported

Cheryl wrote, “I think we all expected her to come up with some sort of excuse, but she just admitted `It`s not really my thing`. I can remember a sort of stunned silence, like we`d all been slapped in the face. But I was so cut up about my marriage this didn`t really make the impact t it probably should have.”
Cheryl continued, “It was no secret Nadine was trying to launch a solo career in America. I felt we were lucky she was prepared to split herself in two. This was different though.”

However, the former judge of the “X Factor” said, it was at that moment when Nadine Coyle accompanied her own manager on the Girls Aloud tour bus that everyone realized that the time has come for them to break up.

Girls Aloud, which worked on an album in 2009, comprises of Nicola Roberts, Sarah Harding, Nadine Coyle, Kimberly Walsh and Cheryl Cole, currently recorded a new track for their reunion due on October 19.

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