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Cheryl Cole Admits on Live TV: 'Im A Minger'

Cheryl Cole Admits on Live TV: ‘Im A Minger’

Cheryl Cole Minger If a thousand people were asked to describe Girls Aloud singer Cheryl Cole, i don’t suspect many of them would come back saying she’s a minger, but that’s exactly how Cheryl described herself this morning while on the radio.

Cheryl Cole admits she’s having doubts over her debut solo album, and believes she hasn’t got a chance of taking the number one spot in the charts when it’s released. And to be completely fair, as much as i love her, i also have the same doubts.

Why do i doubt she will make number one? Well she is competing against Michael Jackson’s compilation ‘This is It‘ next week in the album charts. She will also be competing with the likes of Whitney Houston and her X Factor protégé Alexandra Burke in the singles chart. Alexandra’s latest hit single, Bad Boys already took the crown of fastest selling single of the year within its first 24 hours of release after she gave a stunning performance on The X Factor last Sunday.

Cheryl said: “Guess who I’m up against for my album. Michael Jackson. What is wrong with my people. I may as well just accept that I may not be in the top 10.

Cheryl also revealed her insecure side to the Kiss 100 Breakfast Show today, insisting she feels like a “minger” before she puts her make-up on. “I get a lot of days like that, Until I’ve been sat in the chair and had my hair and make-up done, I feel like a minger. I’m sick of the sight of myself.

She is due to perform her debut solo singer on this Sunday’s X Factor show, and now insists that rumours she will be miming are not true, but still maintains that there is no other option than to pre-record her performance, due to her commitments with judging on the show.

Also this week there will be a judge missing from The X Factor judging panel, due to the fact that Louis Walsh will be attending Boyzone singer Stephen Gately’s funeral, after his untimely death last weekend.

So would you describe Cheryl Cole as a minger? Leave us a comment below…


  1. amy ullah says:

    wel wel wel ! some one needs to give cheryl a confident boost i think !! .. she ill make top ten no doubt about about it ! and shes is far from a minger ! coor someone sort her out LOL x

  2. amy ullah says:

    will ***

  3. sophie says:

    OMG does she not have a mirror?

  4. HANNAH says:

    haha sophie very true

  5. katie x says:

    she wont be competting wid alex n whitny reali coz there song have cum out already n have had there chance to be no 1 n just to let every no thi morning wen her single was relsed it went taright to number 1 bu wont be officaly till nxt sundai

  6. Staycee x says:

    Fricking hell if cheryl cole calls her self a minger then what hope is out there for the rest of us ?!?! does she own a mirror ? shes the most beautiful woman on the planet, with or without make up !! and im so so so happy for her making number 1 single and album , it gave her that confidence boost she clearly needed and full well deserved !!
    cheryl cole , if u read this or not , you are not a minger, you are not ugly, you are the most beautiful woman on the planet, ask anyone and they will agree with me
    you are stunning and millions of girls wish they looked like you !!
    i love youu beautiful beautiful beautiful cheryl and always will , you're my idol <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

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