Cheryl Cole admits that she’s a hopeless romantic

Cheryl Cole, Tre Holloway Girls Aloud star Cheryl Cole, 29, admitted that her beau Tre Holloway, 23, doesn’t need to worry about getting her an extravagant present on Valentine’s Day as she said it’s the thought that matters, not the gift.

Cheryl also confessed that she won’t be any less happy if she got a home-made wishing card or a candlelit bath when it come luxury.

The “Call My Name” hit singer insisted that at heart, she’s a simple girl and she feels romance is a thought. She said in romance, gestures don’t matter, whether it’s expensive jewelry or clothes, or if someone gifted you a self-made card or offered you a bath.

Cheryl, who is also former X Factor judge, recently released her new music video, “Ghetto Baby”, featuring her dance boyfriend, Tre.

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