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Cheryl Cole and Dannii Minogue Seperated by Cowell

Cheryl Cole and Dannii Minogue Seperated by Cowell

Dannii Minogue Vs Cheryl Cole You might have noticed on last Saturdays X Factor that Dannii Minogue had swapped chairs with Louis Walsh on The X Factor judging panel.

This wasn’t just a case of them sitting in the wrong spots though. Simon Cowell has reportedly split Cheryl and Dannii up, because of their lack of chemistry, and because he deemed them “too boring.

Cowell, the head judge of the popular ITV talent show ordered the pair to sit apart just moments before The X Factor went live on air on Saturday night.

Simon doesn’t think there is enough banter and interaction between the girls – they basically lack chemistry. It has certainly ruffled some feathers – Dannii wasn’t at all happy,” said a source to the Daily Mirror.

Shocked Dannii later demanded an aftershow meeting with ITV executives to ask why it happened and if it is permanent. An X Factor executive said: “It was on Simon’s say-so. He wasn’t that happy with the show a week ag0 – he thought it was a bit boring and decided it needed a shaking up.

The move comes just days after Simon Cowell blasted the female judges over the amount of time they spend on their appearance, insisting they weren’t spending enough time with their acts.

A source said: “Cheryl and Dannii arent mates like Louis and Simon, who have no compunction about hurling insults at each other. Simon wants the two girls to liven up the panel a little, especially between themselves.

But Cheryl Cole hasn’t got any problems in telling Simon exactly how she feels. She recently joked that she should “lamp” Cowell because he’s so “rude, nasty and arrogant.

Did you think the move livened things up a bit on The X Factor? Although I personally noticed Dannii had changed seats, I didn’t notice any difference in the interaction between the female judges. What do you think? Leave us a comment below…


  1. Elizabeth says:

    what's the point? I think it'll just make everything worse. If they swop seats, Danni won't be happy Cheryl won't be happy, then they won't be happy for the show. Then everybody is not gonna be happy.

    Simon just cares about himself, only cares about his show. How about Cheryl? or Danni? If they're not happy, the public won't want to watch it, then that will make everything worse.


    luv you cheryl xx.

  2. welovecherylanddanni says:

    i think simon is trying 2 play mind game with the public its all done 2 make use think thay dnt get on but thay do get on danni even sayed so herself on her interview with piers morgen if thay want 2 get rid of any1 loiew must go

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