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Cheryl Cole and Kandy Rain Kiss & Make Up After On-Screen Battle

Cheryl Cole and Kandy Rain Kiss & Make Up After On-Screen Battle

Cheryl Cole Apologise to Kandy Rain We know when The X Factor returns to our screens, we are in for a bit of drama, but Saturday nights first Live Final turned out to be explosive for all the wrong reasons.

It was supposed to be the first time The X Factor contestants presented themselves live to the public, but instead the judges insisted on fighting each other, which totally overshadowed the performances.

First Cheryl Cole was Furious with Simon Cowell at his Stripper Insult live on TV, while later in the show, Dannii Minogue put her foot in it, by outing Danyl Johnson’s Sexuality on TV, sending the ITV Forums into meltdown with the millions of fans logging on to complain.

Although Kandy Rain were booted off the show last night, Cheryl Cole has apologised after she and Dannii blasted them on Saturday night over their racy outfits. The scenes were screened on ITV2′s Xtra Factor last night. The sexy Girls Aloud singer visited Kandy Rain’s dressing room and told them her comments were “nothing personal.

She continued: “I just wanted to say it wasn’t personal from me. I was trying to help you. I hope it was constructive. If you don’t want to dress like this, stand up for yourselves and tell Louis.

Kandy Rain on The X Factor After the girl group was kicked off the show, Coco Lloyd told reporters at a press conference: “I think it is personally quite unfair because they were commenting on our clothes rather than what the X Factor was about. It’s not a fashion show. Girl’s Aloud are really good at what they do, I just feel once again Cheryl didn’t understand the whole Kandy Rain concept.”

Kandy Rain also felt that other contestants were made to look better by the popular ITV talent show, and that too much time was dedicated to the girls talking about being strippers. Coco continued: “How we were portrayed, there were just snippets of us in interviews literally only talking about stripping. They never played interviews where we were mucking about and being ourselves. None of that was shown. The public just didn’t get to know us.

Nobody likes a sore looser girls!!!


  1. becca says:

    their not sore losers. i agree with them even though they said we wanna forget bout our past. pussycat dolls come from a "stripping" background yet their successful in the skimpy outfits. cheryl's a hypercrite cos of her band wearing skimpy outfits like on that calendar this year and dancing around poles on tour.

  2. but girls aloud are an established act and she said that wearing that sort of clothes should be when there established for videos and tours

  3. chloe says:

    its only to match there tour that they do

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