Cheryl Cole Arrives At Los Angeles Airport With Nine Suitcases!

Cheryl Cole isn’t a light traveler.

When Cheryl, 29, arrived at Los Angeles airport she brought along a mountain size luggage, nine suitcases to be exact.

The Call My Name singer besides paying £600 for excessive baggage also needed the help of her assistant and her little brother Gary, 23, to lug them around the airport.

It’s understandable that Cheryl was a bit sheepish when she passed through security in a pink and cream outfit.

Cheryl spent almost a month in the US making her latest music video, Under The Sun, where she writhes around in vintage car bonnets in a peach colored high waist skirt with a crop top and beehive hairdo.

Cheryl recently made headlines when she exchanged a flirty Twitter message to 18-year old British Olympic diver Tom Daley, telling him that he was amazing and asking will he teach her how to swan dive.

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