Cheryl Cole Becomes Angry Seeing A Mother Texting While Driving

It’s all about being responsible, knowing that celebrities are glued to their phones updating their tweets and statuses for their fans, but Cheryl Cole, 29, set an example here.

Recently Cheryl got angry when she spotted a woman driving and texting at the same time with a baby in the car’s back seat.

This is against the law as drivers end causing accidents while using their phones while driving.

So the frustrated and angry Cheryl took to Twitter and wrote, “OMG!!!!! I just passed a woman on the motor way texting on her phone with a BABY in the back ! I am so angry R U FOR F REAL!!!”

The Call My name singer sure does not have any kids of her own but she expressed her desires for being a mother to the Observer magazine earlier this year.

She said that she loves a big family and comes from a big one too with 10 nephews and nieces.

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