Cheryl Cole BEP Tour Pictures from LG Arena on 8th May 2010

Cheryl Cole Tour Pictures at Birmingham LG Arena Hitting up the LG Arena in Birmingham for the 5th concert on the Black Eyed Peas Tour, Cheryl Cole appeared to be on top form, despite growing rumours of a romance between and herself.

After appeared on stage a few nights ago to sing 3 Words with Cheryl and they hugged afterwards, the media has continued to publish stories that the pair are romantically connected, and are even publishing stories suggesting Fergie and Cheryl Jump Into Bed together.

Utterly ridiculous.

But anyway, back to the matter in hand. Cheryl performed her most popular solo songs, including 3 Words, Fight For This Love, Parachute, Make Me Cry and a cover of Fireflies.

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Cheryl Cole Pictures from LG Arena on 8/5/10


  1. no named babe says:

    my friend got to go seee them she's sooooooooooo lucky <3 I LOVE CHEZZA :)

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