Cheryl Cole Blasts Mirror Reporter Polly Hudson

cheryl cole Apparently, there’s been a drama involving former Girls Aloud singer Cheryl Cole and The Mirror newspaper journalist Polly Hudson that started when the Call My Name singer celebrated her 30th birthday in Las Vegas on June 30.

There have been rumors that Cheryl’s former X Factor boss Simon Cowell didn’t arrive at the bash despite being sent an invitation and her band mates Nadine Coyle and Sarah Harding weren’t invited.

Calling Cheryl as “Cheryl Nosurname”, reporter Polly wrote in her column that Cheryl would have been much happier if she weren’t famous. She also wrote that she won’t be so famous if she didn’t marry and later split from English footballer Ashley Cole and won’t have contracted malaria if she didn’t go to Tanzania with dancer Derek Hough.

Polly also wrote that Cheryl had the most depressing 30th birthday in the history of celebrity rounding up her mother, boyfriend Tre Holloway, and hairstylist and so on.

Cheryl didn’t lie down and furiously responded on Twitter saying, “What’s exactly was her party depressing for” and mocked Polly for being depressed herself while watching Cheryl’s instagram photos as she parties.

In another tweet she corrected Polly as she has a surname, “Lady” before her name.

FYI, Cheryl got the “Lady” title after Simon gifted her a piece of land he bought in the Scottish Highlands.

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