Cheryl Cole Breaks Into America After Signing US Record Deal

The Making Of Cheryl Cole - Fight For This Love For months now, Cheryl Cole has said she wants to break into America, but she’s not pursued it due to a fear of failing across the pond, but today, that’s all set to change as Cheryl has reportedly signed a US record deal which will see her new album, 3 Words released in the States.

The album, which is currently at the top of the charts in the UK, is expected to be released through Interscope Records in the first quarter of 2010.

According to News of The World, Cheryl will release 3 Words as the debut single in America. “The Interscope deal is huge for Cheryl, especially as Girls Aloud have never released a single there,” says a ‘source’ for the newspaper.

And Interscope isn’t just a small label either, its directly owned by Universal Music Group, and is home to acts such as Black Eyed Peas, Lady GaGa, Pussycat Dolls and Enrique Iglesias.

Cheryl Cole’s Fight For This Love became the fastest-selling single of the year in the UK after selling over 290,000 copies in its first week.

Is the American Record Deal good news for Cheryl? Does this mean she’s going to desert us for America, forgetting her roots? Leave us a comment below…


  1. sophie says:

    she wouldent forget her roots shes tooo down to earth :D

  2. marina says:

    i wish her the best of the luck adn i hope america likes her to.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Good luck to her. She's done so so well in Britain so i don't see a problem with it in America. She won't forget us, we are the people who were always rite behind her, we've always got her back, whatever she does. I noe she won't forget us.

    She deserves all the success. and I LUV YOU CHERYL

    mwahhhh x.

  4. Bluesky says:

    Yes please go to America….then we can all get a rest from you!

  5. anthony says:

    IM EXCITED TO SEE HER COME TO AMERICA, BUT 3 WORDS??? That song doesnt compare to "fight" was hoping to hear that on our airwaves! =-(

  6. are you dumb?? 3 words is the album. fight for this love is IN the album!!

  7. XxXxX says:

    Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

  8. XxXxX says:

    Can't you read? The third paragraph said, '…Cheryl will release 3 Words as the debut SINGLE in America.' Try looking more carefully next time.

  9. XxXxX says:

    Can't you read? In the 3rd paragraph it says, '…Chery will release 3 Words as the debut SINGLE in America'. Try looking more carefully next time.

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