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Cheryl Cole Cancels Jonathan Ross Interview

Cheryl Cole Cancels Jonathan Ross Interview

I posted last week that Cheryl would be doing an exclusive interview with Jonathan Ross failing to leave out any details about her marriage and how she was affected by it.

It seems the nations sweetheart has been affected by this split a bit more than we had suspected. Cheryl has pulled out of the interview all her fans were looking forward to and i suspect it is because she has a fear of breaking down on live t.v. Who could blame her for it though honestly!

Cheryl’s reason for pulling out of the interview is that talking about her break-up with love rat Ashley is ‘tacky’ and “has Jordan written all over it”.

An insider also revealed “It is something that Jordan would do and Cheryl does not want to do anything which would remotely mirror that woman.” “When Jordan split with Peter Andre she was mouthing off about it left, right and centre and made herself look like an idiot. Cheryl cannot sit down and discuss the ins and outs of her marriage on telly in front of millions.

” The insider added, “She isn’t remotely worried about Jonathan Ross, she can handle him but she thinks it would be wholly inappropriate to go and sit on the sofa despite desperate pleas from the show’s producers.

Cheryl’s people are considering her performing a song at the end of the show on the 12th March but there will definitely be no interview at this moment in time. 

I don’t know about you but this information has made me very sad as i was looking forward to this interview so much. Are you upset Cheryl has pulled out of the show?


  1. molly x says:

    aww, im so gutted she won't be having an inteview with Jonathon ross but then again, bless her, she deserves her privacy xx

  2. Becky<3 says:

    I'm soooo gutted, I was looking forward to it aswell:( But to be honest, i don't blame her. I think she will do stunning on the show<3 hopefully she will be okay (yn) <3 i love you:)

  3. holly says:

    Aw i was really looking forward 2 this!!

  4. lorriannie says:

    undrestand why bless her but am gutted

  5. Sandraaaa says:

    awww i was completely gutted when i read this :( i was so looking forward to that, but this just goes to show how sensitive she is and how completely UNLIKE jordan she is. but she has every right to not do it, no-one can blame her, I wouldnt do it!!!
    Love you cheryl, number 1 fan forever && always xx

  6. nikki :) says:

    i was guted too.. bt i totally understand y she pulled out… also jonathan ross isnt live its recorded bout 2 days before its showed on bbc 1 :) she did th right thing… nd shes nothing like Jordan which she has clearly just shown :):):) its cheryl choice whn she wonts to start doin th tv appearences no one elses.. she been though a lot nd all th true fans will be there to support her… i will be 4 eva nd ever :):):):) xxx

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