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Cheryl Cole Confused By Carbohydrates as She Gained 3 Stone in Weight

Cheryl Cole Confused By Carbohydrates as She Gained 3 Stone in Weight

Girls Aloud beauty Cheryl Cole admits she didn’t know what carbohydrates were or understand them until she joined the band, claiming she didn’t know how to loose the weight she had gained.

Cheryl Cole won her place in Girls Aloud on Popstars: The Rivals back in 2002, but piled on the weight after finding success with the girl group. She was finally content with her life, but didn’t know how to shed the pounds again.

She said: “I didn’t even know what carbohydrates were! Before Popstars, I had got very thin because I’d had an absolute assehole of a boyfriend who was really giving me a hard time, then when I joined the band, I became so content I put on three stone in weight. I didn’t know what to do, so I became obsessed with it and used to cry myself to sleep.

Despite her size 6 figure, Cheryl insists she still doesn’t eat well and would happily exist on breakfast foods if she could. She told Glamour Magazine: “I’ve got a really bad diet. I hate fish and I don’t have a regular routine, but I do love cereal. Sometimes I’ll mix every brand we’ve got in the cupboard. You’d be amazed at what I can put away, I can eat like a 6ft man.

Well you might be able to eat like a 6ft man Cheryl, but I’m totally glad you don’t look like one!! We revealed details yesterday of Cheryl Cole’s New Diet. She is currently on The Leptin Diet, where she has to eat three small meals per day, with 5 hours between each meal.

Do you think Cheryl Cole’s diet worked people? Do you prefer her looking like she did in the photo to the right, or how she looks today?


  1. sophie says:

    Love her how she is now, please don’t chamge cheryl :(

  2. Andrew MacDonald says:

    Yeah I love the way she looks now too.

    To be honest though, I wouldn't have said no to her even how she looked in the above picture. lol. She looks GORGEOUS.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    She looks gorgeous now. She looked gorgeous then.

  4. angie says:

    she looks amazing hot with that outfit on and pretty aswell + i love her loads

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