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Cheryl Cole Cries Over Lloyd Daniels ‘Bleeding Love’ Performance

Cheryl Cole Cries Over Lloyd Daniels ‘Bleeding Love’ Performance

Cheryl Cole Cries on The X Factor This evening happened to be another explosive night on The X Factor judges panel, and there was one judge down!!

Cheryl broke down live on the show after hearing her contestant, Lloyd Daniels perform a Leona Lewis version of ‘Bleeding Love’. And Simon went out of his way to ensure he pushed Cheryl all the way.

Although Cheryl didn’t totally break down and cry, she very nearly shed tears, and certainly had a few wobbly lip moments. This seemed to get worse as soon as Simon Cowell dared to put down Cheryl’s song choice for Lloyd.

After Lloyd did his version of Leona’s song, Simon said: “You’re very very lucky that you’re cute and the chicks are going to love you. It’s like a mouse trying to climb a mountain. I’m going to put the blame for this on the girl to my right, who’s not working with you properly.

The normally feisty Cheryl Cole then started to cry, before taking full responsibility for her poor song choice. She told Lloyd that “She’d found it difficult to choose songs for her acts this week,” before she completely broke down, and cute Lloyd swooped in for a hug. (Nice one Lloyd! Respect to you for that one!!!)

You know with Cheryl, what you see is what you get. She is fully prepared to admit when she’s in the wrong, and doesn’t try to pass the buck. She’s just won Lloyd a place in next weeks show for her moment too, Good move Cheryl!


  1. sophie says:

    he was horrible tonight he practically ripped her to shreads and you can tell she was so upset about choosing the wrong song for lloyd. simon, everyone makes mistakes !!

  2. angie says:

    I didn’t like the way simon picked on cheryl on saturday night on the x-factor. He is a bully againest her. I think she done a good job on the show. i nearly cryed when he said them naught things to her. Cheryl i want to say good luck fot this weekend. angie

  3. its a shame cause cheryl tried and it must be hard to pick for boys to sing a girl song. she only made a little mistake and i didnt think it was that bad anyway!

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