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Cheryl Cole Denies Her Single is A 'Rip-Off' of Kelis Song

Cheryl Cole Denies Her Single is A ‘Rip-Off’ of Kelis Song

Kelis Lil Star - Cheryl Cole Fight For This Love Cheryl Cole might be well on her way to the number one spot this week with her debut solo single, Fight For This Love, but she’s now facing a backlash after music fans claim it’s a rip-off of a song by Kelis in 2007.

The sexy X Factor judge’s single, Fight For This Love has already stolen the ‘Fastest Selling Single of The Year’ title from Alexandra Burke, but fans have been comparing the single to RnB singer Kelis’ single, ‘Lil Star’.

And this isn’t just backlash from fans, professional music reviewers who do this sort of thing for a living have said the melody of the song’s verse, and the beat underneath are almost identical to Kelis’ 2007 single, which only got to number 3 in the music charts.

Many who have listened to the two songs, which we have included below for you, claim the songs seem to be more than just coincidentally similar.

One person who commented on YouTube called ‘Ali1998′ said: “It was the first thing I thought of when I heard it and ran off to play Lil Star immediately to everyone in the room. My daughter exclaimed, ‘It’s exactly the same!’, I wonder if she realises this or it’s subliminal.”

Another named ‘Chief Wahoo’ said: “I had no idea that it was even Cheryl Cole. But Lil Star by Kelis just kept going through my head.” One more, who is unnamed said: “Pretty much the entire song is a re-sampled version of Lil Star, just with new lyrics and a dancey break.

Somebody else, who is on Cheryl’s side named ‘DennisHxC’ said: “It’s not the same song, period. It’s impossible nowadays to make an absolute unique song because practically everything has been done already.

Kelis – Lil Star

Cheryl Cole – Fight For This Love

Now, I don’t know about you guys, but having listened to both videos, I cant see how anybody could compare them to being similar. I see or hear no similarity in the songs at all. You guys, what do you think?


  1. Hannah says:

    at what point are these songs similar, i watched Kelis and waited for when i would recognize Cheryls song but i never did!
    basically 'lil star' is awful and fight for this love is my favourite song and video ever ever ever

  2. levans says:

    No way is it the same sounds nothing like it. Why is everyone trying to critisize poor Cheryl. Leave her alone she is brilliant.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    'Lil Star' is just…..boring.. i must say. I hate it.
    I kept playing it and found NO similarities.
    These people need to check their ears. They're just jealous cuz Cheryl made #1.
    It's obvious 'Fight For This Love' is better.
    It's obvious CHERYL IS BETTER!!!!! :DDD

    of course she is =p

  4. sophie says:

    he but come on cheryl is cheryl and kelis is well… who is she haha
    even if cheryls song was a complete replica it would be better haha

  5. Steph x says:

    Yeahh are people really that cruel and stupid. I mean what person sits back, analyses a song and then goes out of their way to find another song with extremely distant similarities. Get a grip ffs I myself have listen to both songs now about three times each and the only slight similarities i can see are the beat in the background, which i must say isnt exactly the same either!!! It just sickens me that people must have that shitty lives that they have to go and pick on people and its not as if cherly's mean or a bitch because i think shes quiet nice to be honest. They must Not have a life. And what about these other fools commentin on it of youtube and other blogs saying "I thought it was Lil star" and other crap like that . . . No you flamin didnt, be honest, you read that someone said its a rip off of kelis' song and saw the perfect oppurtunity to pick on another celeb!!

    All i can say is its not a rip off, the twisted son of a b*tch who thinks it is a rip-off is extremely sad and probably still lives with his mum or something. The songs great and keep doing what your doing Cheryl, ignore these planks that stir sh*t cos they obviously dont have a life.!!!

    x x x x x x

  6. Leo Stones says:

    Of course it follows the same chord sequence, there's no question about it, those who can't hear that will either be biased toward Cheryl because they have been brainwashed, or have an extremely poor musical ear. The Kelis track is undoubtedly superior, it was kinda fresh sounding when it was released; this RnB sound is so very dated now, and Cheryl's attempt is poor at best. Good luck to her tho, I'm sure most people won't be judging her too harshly on what she sounds like when she clearly has much more obvious assets!

  7. Chelsea says:

    omg, i cannot at all hear/see how people can compare both songs to being similar!, they sound completely different, and Cheryls is much better!. I'd never play that song again, but i listen to cheryls 24/7 everyday!. How can people think they sound the same, honestly!.
    I don't see why alot of people feels they have the right to "mock" cheryl and say shes poor at singing!. It must be the most insane stuff i have ever read, open your ears guys!, cheryl is so talented!, a fabulous singer!
    Cheryls such a greaat role model, keep doing what your doing cheryl i LOVEE it!


  8. hana 01 says:

    omg………i does sound similar! not the sound per se but the beat! its almost identical! but bcuz the chorus is soo different u guys wont find it being similar!

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