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Cheryl Cole to Divorce Ashley Cole - Costly Divorce Battle Begins

Cheryl Cole to Divorce Ashley Cole – Costly Divorce Battle Begins

Just yesterday we broke news that Cheryl Cole Wants a Divorce from Ashley following his latest infidelities. Rather than going over all the details again, I’ll cut to what really matters, and where things go from here.

Friends close to Cheryl claim that she is “definitely proceeding with divorce” which, if true, will put a stop to all the people who have said the divorce is unlikely to happen…. me included!!!

A friend with Cheryl in LA said: “Cheryl is holding it together, she is extremely tough. She loves Ashley, he is the love of her life, but there is only so much she will take. Cheryl is exhausted with it all. There was a point when she was going to ride it all out, but she heard rumours of more women coming forward, and cannot face that. They will publicly split within weeks.

But let’s just assume for the next few minutes that the Cheryl Cole Divorce is 100% going ahead. What will happen to the Cole’s assets? Well lets talk about that now…

The couple failed to sign a pre-nuptial agreement before their wedding in 2006, meaning a split is likely to result in a very costly divorce battle. Although Cheryl is a millionaire in her own right, she is significantly less wealthy than Ashley. Last year the Cole’s joint worth was £13 million – almost all of which accrued after their wedding.

That figure is likely to be much higher now, but a legal source has said: “This is an unusual situation for a footballer as very few have wives with their own earnings. However the discrepancy between their net worth means that Mrs Cole would have a very strong case for a significant claim over a large portion of his wealth, now and in the future.

So putting it bluntly, although Ashley is worth much more than Cheryl, Cheryl has a right to much more of his wealth than he is of her wealth. SHE will come out on top financially if the divorce goes ahead. That is likely to piss Ashley off, which is fantastic news for me and the rest of the fans at this website *high five*.

But what are each Ashley and Cheryl Cole worth individually? Take a look at the following diagram for details…

Although this is not 100% certain, In cases like this, the man (Ashley) is likely to keep the house, while the woman (Cheryl) will walk away with a tidy sum in her back pocket. She is also highly likely to keep the family pets, loosing the pets to Ashley will be a bitter blow to Cheryl, so lets all hope for her sake that he doesnt contest and will let her have her Buster and CoCo.

So those of us who are hoping Cheryl will cut Ashley’s dick off, sorry, divorce him, it looks like our hopes maybe answered by the good lady herself.

More news when we have it!!


  1. Andrew MacDonald says:

    I hope Cheryl has the fight in her to take this son of a bitch to the cleaners, and get well rid of him from her life.

    I would happily take his place…… a man can dream cant he???

  2. sophie says:

    He better not make it hard for her or I will be the one cutting his dick off !

  3. omg! im so excited for her though coz i cant stand ashley and chezza deserves mucch better! TEAM CHERYL! X

  4. omg i feel rli sorry for her bless her cotton socks she looks so sad i cant strand ashley n i hope she does divorces him xshe deserves alot better x

  5. BRONAGH says:


  6. Lorriannie says:

    Good ryhmns to bad rubbish!! Good luck to her!

  7. Simon says:

    thanks Andrew for your thoroughly entertaining blog

  8. Andrew MacDonald says:


  9. Xaavier says:

    why are these dumb girls still marrying these scum footballers?? havent any of them learned their lessons from veiwing the marriages of other footballers?? really if u ask me she set her heart up for that..It doesnt mean that she deserved to be cheated on..nobody does and he'll get his but i mean come on girls smarten up..majority of them footballers are pigs dressed in fancy clothes. There comes a point where you have to stop feeling sorry for these people b/c it gets boring and repetetive…

  10. Andrew MacDonald says:

    I completely agree with you.

  11. Timberland Sale says:

    I am sorry to hear that, i think they two are very matched.

  12. well at last it has come to this, Cheryl will regret the step she took so far and all those who are back her now can not stand for long? and the so called new boyf riend will definately dump her big time sooner,WHICH MEANS cHERYL HAS BEEN CHEAT ON ASHLEY TOO SINCE, FOR TO RUN TO THIS GUY IMMDIATELY THE ISSUE HAPPENS, WHICH MEANS THAT SHE NEVER LOVES OR PROTECT HER OWN MARRIAGE TOO. SHE WILL SOON CRY.

  13. pearl says:

    well i will add that she too made Ashely to cheat on her, she didnt wanna start having children, she put her career first. and she was never at home with him, always on the move. hope she is not making a mistake. nobody is perfect, ask ur parents its not easy living with someone of different background, marriage is patience and sacrifice ok. but i wish u well Chery.

  14. Ashley goes after "slappers" rather than the 'stunner' Cheryl, many of you feel. But the way this divorce is being celebrated like a deal made in heaven and the back slappng going on around Cheryl have done nothing to enoble her but rather portray her as a glorified 'slapper'. I do not think she is, but the way and manner the divorce has been written in the Press shows the prejudice faced by any black celebrity married to a white 'icon'. By the way, let Ashley roast in the fire he made for himself. But can the pot please keep quiet and stop calling the kettle black. Enough of this holier than thou attitude by people who have no ennobling idea of marriage and relationships acting ,the philosopher king' over a misguided Ashley Cole.


  16. you are so jealous of the rich man isn't it?

  17. ur words sound so educative…..in every married home each party is to correct the other in event like this. But now our days the women look for an opportunity to send the rich men out and gain their wealth. I am afraid of women

  18. you spoke well …but i will never wish chery good marital home as she will be commiting adultery. Let us be honest….

  19. nonesense

  20. for better or for wosrt,i will love and be with you till death do us part…..where the words from chery's mouth.In less than a trial she has forgotten about these promises. Where you snt to deal with him?

  21. you re an idiot

  22. if ashley come to you ,you will accept without thinking twice……..so keep your mouth quiet

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