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Cheryl Cole to Get £4.7 Million Divorce Settlement from Ashley Cole?

Cheryl Cole to Get £4.7 Million Divorce Settlement from Ashley Cole?

Girls Aloud singer Cheryl Cole is set to receive a massive divorce payout totalling £4.7 million when divorce proceedings against cheating husband Ashley Cole are finalised, according to a British report.

Cheryl walked out on Ashley in February after a string of sex-text stories, and allegations of further infidelity were made public. Cheryl is seeking a quick divorce after filing papers with the London high court two weeks ago.

Sources close to Cheryl have said she’s willing to allow Ashley to keep the marital home – a £6 million mansion in Oxshott, Surrey, and will not demand any financial support or payout from him.

But it’s emerged that Cheryl Tweedy could be elegible to a lump sum from the football player when the divorce is finalised this year. A source said: “He can’t believe she will walk away with nothing. She worked as hard as him for all their possessions.

The source brings up an interesting point. Despite Cheryl publicly claiming she wants nothing from Ashley other than her dogs, she has still built up and paid for the couples joint assets, including millions of pounds in jewelry, property and a string of super cars. It’s hard to believe she wants absolutely nothing out of the divorce, potentially handing over possessions and property worth £3/5 million.

Cheryl will be granted a decree nisi in August, which basically means the divorce will be complete six weeks later, providing Ashley doesn’t contest any demands set out in Cheryl’s divorce papers.

What do you think? Should Cheryl take Ashley for everything he has? Should she at least take half of what she helped buy over the years? Or is a clean break – including all of their assets, a better outcome for Cheryl? Leave a comment below.


  1. Andrew MacDonald says:

    Good for you Cheryl. You should take that rat for every penny he's got, but I suspect you wont and will instead prefer a clean break.

  2. sophie says:

    his possesions will just remind her of the rat he is everythime she looks at them so she may aswell let him keep them

  3. peter m says:

    glad you can get on with your life now without that twat

  4. 09scarletblue says:

    I would take my share of everything and if she doesn't want material items because they would be a reminder of Ash, she should auction them for charity/ Either way he was the wrong doer and should not be rewarded for it.

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