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Cheryl Cole Feels The Rage and Faces The Heat of Her Fans

Cheryl Cole Feels The Rage and Faces The Heat of Her Fans

When Cheryl first joined the reality television show X Factor she was well received on the show for her approach towards contestants as well as fellow judges. Her smile and her personality made her an instant hit and a hot favourite among the public as well as her fans. 

However, the last few episodes of the X Factor show have changed the opinion of many people regarding Cole. Her popularity seems to be seeing a downfall, especially after the Gamu Nhengu issue. 

She faced flak over this issue not just from her fellow judge but also from her fans and public. So much so, that Cheryl did not receive support even from her friend and fellow judge Simon Cowell. This turn of events has even affected the show’s ratings. 

The number of internet forums that featured on the various websites all display rage and fury against Cheryl Cole and her decision. Cole’s decision of choosing Katie Waissel and Cher Lloyd over Gamu has been the main reason for her criticism. Also her appearances with fake tan have not gone very well with her fans. The fans are making every attempt to ensure that their fury against Cheryl Cole and her decision are noticed.


  1. Emma B says:

    I don't see what the big deal is. Cheryl look at it like this. Gamu is a good singer, but if she had sorted out all the stuff with her visa then she might not have even been here to do the X Factor. I have nothing against her, but you definatly made the right decision on your girls. Especially after their performances these past 3 weeks and your performance was stunning last night. The only thing with this is that she is is the lime light and if things had been done with the visa then she wouldn't be in the press and none of this wuld have happened. It's NOT your fault. I am behind you 200% of the way. Keep doing what you are doing you are amazing.
    I LOVE YOU CHERYL x x x x

  2. hi cheryl i think you picked the right people because thhey were all amazing and even if simon didnt back you up or support you , i was behind you and was supporting you and whatever you do i will always support you I love you Cheryl xxxxx

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