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Cheryl Cole - Fight For This Love on The X Factor

Cheryl Cole – Fight For This Love on The X Factor

For those of you who werent watching The X Factor this evening on ITV1, here is a video of Cheryl Cole’s Debut Solo Performance of ‘Fight For This Love’

Cheryl Cole – Fight For This Love on The X Factor


  1. sophie says:

    she should have mimed then she could have puot on a much better performance because i think she was too scared it would have affected her singing which it probs would have but she was still amazing obviously :D:D

  2. Heff's voice says:

    I'd like to see anyone put on a better performance without time to get ready and get geared up, she was fantastic, well done girl, loved you before love you even more nowxx

  3. She shouldn't have criticized Kandy Rain last week and then come out in a similar top as one of the girls… But the song is nice, and I enjoyed her performance. The routine as Simon said.. was awesome! She obviously knows how to move ;)

  4. lesina says:

    I thought she did bloody well. Coming from a girl group to going it alone must be tough & she is bound to get critised. I loved the performance & the outfits, she looked cool, shes got the whole package thing going on, shes so hot right now! ok she hasnt got the best vocals theres alot better out there but theres also alot worst aswell. Keep going mrs cole!:D

  5. LStep says:

    It was absolutely outstanding!!!! Fantastic performance!

  6. I thought she was brilliant,after all she’s now one of the judges on xfactor so to go from being one of the judges to go on stage and perform would have been quite stressful for her. She knew that simon,louis and danni would make a comment afterwards aswell,that would have made the situation worse for her!!I’ve allways liked girls aloud since they first single came out and I allways will,they’re my favourite band and Cheryl is just as good as a solo artist as she was in a group!!!!

  7. If you listen back to the comment she made about candy rain, she said it wasn't good for them to dress that way in the situation they're in but if they were professionals, it would be okay. Cheryl's been a star for 6 years so she can dress that way! First performance without the rest of girls aloud and she was brilliant.

  8. gogogo girl
    love megan

  9. oh a singer i what no im happy for her xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  10. Sophie says:

    You Shh please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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