Cheryl Cole files lawsuit against the X Factor producer over firing her, unpaid millions

Cheryl Cole, who judged the X Factor, UK edition alongside Simon Cowell and also in the X Factor, US chapter for one season before being axed, is suing one of its producers for $2.3 million.

E! News, which obtained the lawsuit, reported that, the “Call My Name” hitmaker stated that, according to her contract’s “pay or play” provision, she was entitled to received $2 million for the second season of the show, as well as other allowances she was offered for hotels, wardrobe, stylists and various miscellaneous expenses, which she never used.

Fremantle Media, North America, the X Factor producer didn’t comment on the filings.

The 29-year-old, Girls Aloud singer also stated that she was paid a salary of $1.8 million for the first season, but she still owed them $2 million for the second season. Besides, also due is her one-time wardrobe allowance of $100,000 and one-time all-inclusive stylist allowance totaling $25,000. She was entitled for a monthly apartment allowances and monthly living expenses of $15,000 and $2,500 respectively.

Cheryl first appeared on the X Factor for the first few audition episodes and was eventually replaced by Pussy Cat Dolls singer, Nicole Scherzinger.

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