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Cheryl Cole Gets a Blast From The Past

Cheryl Cole Gets a Blast From The Past

Cheryl Cole Judges Daniel Pearce Cheryl Cole was put in a position whereby she had to judge a former friend from Popstars: The Rivals again this week.

Back in 2002, Popstars: The Rivals was the show which created the girl group, Girls Aloud – ensuring Cheryl Cole‘s huge success. However, the rivals on the show were a boyband called One True Voice, who turned out to be a massive flop, and was shortly dropped by their record label.

Back to the current day, Cheryl Cole and her fellow judges were filming the new series of X Factor earlier this week, and in walked a guy named Daniel Pearce. At first, nobody recognised him until he revealed he was indeed a rival of Cheryl’s back in 2002. Cheryl’s face dropped, and she was yet again put in a situation where she had to judge him.

He sang a Seal classic, Kiss From a Rose, and was given four yeses by the judges, and won a standing ovation from Cheryl Cole. “I always thought you were fantastic,” she happily told him, as he made it through to the next round.

Last year Cheryl was faced with judging Popstars: The Rivals finalist Nikk Mager, but refused and walked off the set in floods of tears. He never made it through the first round.

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  1. pardeep patel says:

    Simon, how could you ditch Daniel Pearce? He is solid, solid, solid – a bye to the final. You should have disposed of the other Daniel who is going to cause you all sorts of Rachael problems.

    My final three in your category would have been Daniel Pearce, Lenny Kravitz and large soul singer (sorry, forget their names). In my opinion you have just blown the strongest field you have ever been handed. Too much reliance on first auditions and what you think the X factor might be. They all had nothing to lose first auditions- it is those who can sustain it that will take the crowd. Good luck.


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