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Cheryl Cole Gets Testy Prior to X Factor Final

Cheryl Cole Gets Testy Prior to X Factor Final

Cheryl Cole is feeling the heat of the competition ahead of the X Factor final. According to reports, she has banned fellow mentor Simon Cowell and his staff from entering the singer’s dressing area.

The singer is reportedly unhappy with some of the recent jokes thrown at her expense, especially one that came from Simon. An insider said that Cheryl believes that the music mogul is trying to sabotage her acts prior to the final.

Apparently, before the banning, Simon has repeatedly entered her dressing room just to insult her two acts –Rebecca Ferguson and Cher. He also commanded his act, One Direction, to prank her by knocking at her door and immediately leave.

Finally, Cheryl decides to put up a handwritten “Don’t Disturb” sign on her door where not even a knock at the door will be allowed. The source revealed that Cheryl believes there’s a conspiracy going on to keep her acts from winning.

At least Cheryl looks adorable with her Santa hat on.

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