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Cheryl Cole Gives Ashley Ear-Bashing Infront of Paparazzi

Cheryl Cole Gives Ashley Ear-Bashing Infront of Paparazzi

Cheryl and Ashley Cole Argument Late on Thursday night after Cheryl Cole’ performance at Children in Need, Cheryl gave her party-pooping husband a ticking off in front of paparazzi – because she wanted to party and he wanted to go to bed.

The X Factor judge wanted to celebrate after giving a spectacular performance at Thursday nights Children In Need Concert, which is being aired on BBC 1 next Friday.

But premiership footballer Ashley Cole had enough, and wanted to head back to the hotel room. Cheryl earlier in the evening performed her debut solo single Fight For This Love in a revealing white military style outfit at the Royal Albert Hall before she joined Snow Patrol on stage.

A friend of Cheryl’s said: “Cheryl went down a storm. She was on a high and wanted to go out, but Ashley fancied an early night. She kicked up a bit and got her own way so they went for a few drinks with friends. The pair of them were a bit frosty, but put it behind them.

Seems Ashley Cole is intent on not supporting his wife in anything she does. First he throws a strop which made Cheryl cancel her party after hitting number one, now he throws his weight around in public because he wants to go to bed.

Sooner she dumps him and find somebody that loves and respects who and what she is, the better.


  1. sophie says:

    good she deserves to get her own way !

  2. Hannah says:

    seriously he needs to realse how lucky he is before its too late and he loses her forever

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Gosh, doesn't he realize what's in front of him? He doesn't know how lucky he is. Cheryl gave him a second chance after being CHEATED on. Poor Cheryl. she's doing so well, but her fucking husband doesn't appreciate anything she does. ughh he makes me so mad

  4. hi cheryl you are just right to give ashley ear bashing. he not hear to tell you want to do. cheryl i am please you went to your party with you fella bandmate and a couple of drinks love angie xxxx

  5. marina says:

    u go girl- what a stupid twat why doesn’t he aprecciate what she does for living. twat

  6. CherylColeShagger says:

    ashley is a cheating scum bag babe , be with mee x

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