Cheryl Cole got tested for STDs after Ashley Cole cheated on her

Cheryl Cole revealed in her autobiography, that to put her peace of mind she got tested for STD’s in sex health clinic after she found about her former husband Ashley Cole’s infidelities has put her at risk.

The “Under The Sun” singer told of her sadness, sickness, physical pain and fury she experience like never before which she unveiled in her autobiography, “Cheryl: My Story”.
And later when Cheryl found out the England and Chelsea footballer Ashley’s love rendezvous elsewhere, she shouted him, “I hope she’s worth it” followed by “It’s the end of your marriage”.

She also wrote in the book that her record company phoned her and informed her Ashley’s illicit affairs went way back in December 2007. Cheryl divorced Ashley in December 2011 after revelation that he cheated on her with four women.

Previously, Cheryl has warned Ashley to make himself scarce when her biography comes out. When asked if this would lead to alterations with Ashley, she replied, to be quite honest, it doesn’t matter to her.

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